JFR AND JERF by Taylor Collins

Every Saturday morning I wake up early and go for a trail run with some of my best buds. The guys I trot with are amazing athletes who share a passion for health and wellness. Often these runs will last for hours and there will be multiple sections where someone "drops the bomb" (picks up the pace or charges a climb). We have all learned that when this happens, nutrition is crucial! Through trial and error, we have recognized which foods work with our body and which don't. We have unanimously decided that natural and organic whole food diets are essential for testing our limits and allow us to push our bodies to levels previously unimaginable. Here are a few food items you may not find at your local running shop, but can count on for fueling your most EPIC workouts.


I start most of my early morning workouts with a butter coffee. It not only gives me the a boost of much needed caffeine, but also keeps me satiated. I love encouraging fat burning during my workouts and this high fat coffee helps me avoid any insulin spikes. I'm all about using Chameleon Cold Brew due to its low acidity blend. This helps avoid any GI distress, plus it also tastes amazing. To increase the protein in my drink, I will also add Vital Proteins Collagen Peptides. This is fantastic for joint health and longevity of your soft tissue!


After a good 2-3 mile warm-up, we will begin picking up the pace. There will come a point in time where I can't oxidize fat quickly enough to keep up with my increased intensity. A favorite and convenient go to snack is LoveBean - Organic Superfood Fudge. These delicious single-served squeeze packs are full of clean ingredients like organic coconut oil and cacao powder.


Another time tested fuel source is the Barnana Organic snacks. These potassium-rich dried bananas are easy on the stomach and come in really interesting flavor profiles. I'm a fan of the cinnamon and coffee bean flavors depending on my mood and workout. With the Texas summer heat beating down on our quads, these are a pivotal anti-cramping fuel source.


This past Spring, my friends and I went on a running trip to Iceland. We spent 10 glorious days exploring the island on foot and quickly developed ravenous appetites. One morning we woke-up in a deserted hostel with very few eating options. Out of desperation, we invented a snack that will rein for eons and is now a staple to our modern diets. The meal is simple, first we fried 5 EPIC Bison Bacon bars. Next we seared 3 bananas in the flavorful extracted bison juice. We topped off the creation with packets of LoveBean Fudge and feasted like a pack of starving wolves! We named this sacred dish "Sweet Treats" and we now eat this at least 5 times a week.

epic (1)

As our workouts progress, I tend to find myself becoming sick and tired of sweet snacks. This is when my inner carnivore starts howling for savory meat. Before EPIC bar, I would cook bacon and put it in a ziplock bag for moments like this. Now all I have to do is eat one of our delicious and savory meat bars! Eating high quality meat has brought me back to life from serious bonking. It's a must for any long day outdoor adventures.


After a workout I get hydrated quickly and kickstart the recovery process. My favorite beverages are the Temple Turmeric Elixers. With a whopping 13 grams of high quality tumeric per bottle, I quench both my thirst and the fire that is in my legs and lungs. When I drink one of these turmeric filled elixers I can feel my body radiate with energy. It's an incredible sensation that I look forward to on the hottest of days!


Another favorite post-run superfood are the Dang Coconut Chips! These nourishing chips are toasted with the perfect amount of flavor and contain essential healthy fats. They also come in a variety of flavors that are guaranteed to keep things interesting. One of their new flavors is "bacon" coconut chips!?!? It's the only vegan bacon flavored food I will put near my mouth.


When I get home from a long day on the trail, I am overwhelmed with an urge to eat hot food. My favorite breakfast of all time is eggs and bacon that are wrapped in a Siete Almond Flour Tortilla! These grain free tortillas are a staple-food to my existence and I sometimes wake up dreaming about eating them. The company is based out of Austin, TX and handcrafts these life changing tortillas with tons of love.

I am careful about my sugar intake and avoid high carbohydrate/sugar foods like they are an armadillo with leprosy. I make the exception to consuming these foods only during high intensity exercise. My Siete breakfast tacos get me back on track to controlling my insulin levels and continuing to burn fat as a fuel source.


Oh yeah... and I eat 4 bags of Jackson's Honest Sweet Potato chips a week. Duh...

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