TIMOTHY OLSON by Taylor Collins


Timothy Olson is one of the most prolific professional trail runners of this generation. Redefining sports nutrition, Timothy thrives on a paleo diet that is high in fat and low in carbohydrates. He embodies the spirit of a champion and lives a truly EPIC lifestyle. Timothy is also an EPIC bar sponsored athlete and ambassador.

In this video, Timothy and his family joined our founders for 4 days at the EPIC bison ranch. We stayed in a 112 year old hunters cabin named "Camp Grizzly". Amongst running along the continental divide, we swatted millions of mosquitos, hung out with the bison, herded cattle, and explored. It was a legendary trip that we will never forget!

Video created by our bud Aaron Colussi. Special thanks to the grass eating bison for showing us their docile nature and letting us hang out within the herd. This video could have easily been Timothy's last, but they recognized him as one of the bulls and did not impale him!

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