What’s on your mind? Maybe money and the rent, your ex, what must be done—later. How things should’ve went down—before. How things are, and/or how they ought to be. Memory. Conjecture. Abstraction. Until, as the co-founders of EPIC protein bars—Taylor Colins and Katie Forrest—explain, you get on your bike and all that airy nothing gets blown away by the palpable presence of what is right now—this very moment—really and truly happening between a body and a world. How do my legs feel? How hard am I breathing? How much longer can I go? How much farther can I go? A heightened connection to the sensory experience of life as it always occurred before the tyranny of clocks. The mad unrestrained revival of joy.

Earlier this year Dark Rye Magazine contacted us to make a video about EPIC. We had no idea what we were getting ourselves into and went into the production completely blinded. The finished product is less about the EPIC bar than an exploration into the minds of our founders. This video reinforces that every great moment of life can be traced back to being inspired by nature. The great outdoors are the glue that bonded our creators, inspired living a healthy active life, eating real food, and the start of our company. Enjoy.


[vimeo clip_id=87251188 width=800 height=449]

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