What is synergy? Our friends at define synergy as:

noun, plural synergies.

  1. The interaction of elements that when combined produce a total effect that is greater than the sum of the individual elements.

So, what does this mean, really? Well, take for example the synergies that exist at EPIC. All EPIC employees contribute to the daily tasks, decisions, and direction of the company in some way. Whether it’s stocking inventory, deciding on what the next T-shirt design should be, or sampling ingredients for future products, we know that combining the talent and ideas that exists among each individual only strengthens our team and leads to the success of our company. However, for the purpose of this blog we’re more interested in how others find synergies for success.


HEAT Bootcamp and Diesel Foods are just two of the eighty (did he say eighty?!), yes, eighty locations that retail EPIC in the Austin area.  While they only represent 2.5% of Austin’s EPIC retailers, they represent 100% of what we’re talking about when it comes to true synergy and being overall champions of life! Nowhere else in the country will you find EPIC bars, EPIC workouts, and EPIC nutrition made available side by side!displays.jpg


Meet Joey Trombetta (pictured above), co-owner/personal trainer/nutrition consultant at HEAT Bootcamp. Joey prides himself on creating his business. His business just happens to be creating group workouts in an environment that allows for the absolute best results for each member. In addition, he supports the unique relationships that develop as a result of the group training setting.


he HEAT Bootcamp culture is based on three things: Innovation, Intensity, and Environment. Joey and his talented team create intense, safe, and friendly group workouts for their members. The HEAT co-owner feels this is the future of fitness and exercise. The intense group workouts at HEAT allow for members to connect on a physical and psychological level as they push one another, support one another, and most importantly create results for one another. However, results are not the only thing created from this workout environment. What may start out as a partnered up routine, may turn into a lifelong friendship as Joey tells us that many of his members have built friendships outside the walls of HEAT. What’s even more incredible is the fact that HEAT holds monthly socials for its staff and members to further strengthen this bond created at the gym.



Meet Frances Smith (pictured above), Founder and CEO of Diesel Foods. Frances was already making her awesome recipes and offering customized meal plans out of the original Diesel kitchen before opening her store front location next door to HEAT Bootcamp. Her clientele includes NFL players, WWE athletes, NCAA college coaches, IFBB professional bodybuilders, amateur athletes, youth athletes, weight loss clients, nursing and pregnant moms, bariatric and diabetic clients, and those who are extremely busy. As a former strength coach at The University of Texas – Austin, she is a double threat when it comes to understanding how physical training and nutrition compliment each other. Opening a retail location was not only the next logical step for her, it would turn out to be a way for her to put delicious, nutrient dense, prepared meals right in front of a target market.



HEAT is redefining exercise (and the bodies of each member) with innovation and intensity. Diesel Foods makes meal planning and supplementation super simple with a wide variety of prepared meals, along with snacks, and supplements catered to everyone. The synergy here is easy to see. Members of HEAT not only have the advantage of working with Joey and his talented staff, but also have nutritious meals and supplements readily available and conveniently located right next door!  Members can literally walk out of a personal training session or bootcamp and walk right into Diesel Foods and grab conveniently packaged, great tasting meals and nutritional supplements. By working together, Joey and Frances are able to do what they love most. They are an amazing example of synergy as they combine their individual talents to create a world where “I think I can” turns into “I did!”


Food for thought and laughter…
While in the beginning stages of moving into Diesel’s new store front location, all the glass paneling had to be removed from the front of the building in order to move the company’s gigantic refrigerator inside. There was just one problem. The enormous refrigerator could only be moved half way into the store that day. This left one half of the unit within the store and the other half resting on top of a tractor tire in parking lot. With no way to secure the Diesel store, or the door that connects directly to HEAT, Frances had to camp out overnight inside the store! Armed with her dog and an air mattress she roughed it on a colder than normal Austin winter night in order to stand guard. Luckily, Joey and the HEAT Bootcamp members served as her alarm clock very early the next morning.


Workout Time!
A sneak peak at HEAT Bootcamp partner workout performed by Joey and Frances



A special thanks going out to Frances, Joey, and Sarah for taking the time to let us into their world.  We wanted to get a better understanding of what goes on beyond the walls of EPIC, and we ended up learning about just how unique, and incredible these two businesses really are.  A dictionary may explain the term, but it is people like Joey, Frances, and their teams that really define the termsynergy.

Speaking of combining elements, check out our latest creation and how we’re defining the future of EPIC synergy.



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