"Sometimes I go to the gym and just walk around and slap meat-heads in the back of the head with EPIC Bars while they are drinking their protein shakes. They try to chase me but they are very slow and I use the opportunity to invite them to step out of the 80's and into the 2010's, shed some bulk, and start eating like an adult." - Brian Allen-Aguilar (EPIC Bar Ambassador)


Every 3 months, the EPIC Chiefs congregate in a special ceremony with the intention to review submissions from Brand Ambassador applications. Every now and then we get an extra special one that makes us laugh, cry, or jump with joy. This week we reviewed one of the best applications in the history of the company. It was so enjoyable, that I wanted to share it with the world. Thanks to Brian, the gold standard for an EPIC Brand Ambassador has been set!

Why do you want to represent EPIC in your community!?
I am a fitness, running, adventure enthusiast and I'm DTF for just about anything. I encourage people to step outside of their comfort zone and put in the hard work it takes to excel in all areas of life, but most especially in the area of fitness and physical activity. I believe, as is consistent with my experience, that physical activity changes brain chemistry and taps into to something primal that can open up a gateway to a new experience of self and the world around. Diet and nutrition is a key component to this equation and I'm a lover and believer in EPIC Bar as a real food protein source. Because of my status as a taste maker in the fitness community and because I love to hear myself talk, I'm constantly recommending EPIC Bars to people and encouraging them to get off the processed crap and onto something real, something EPIC. Sometimes I go to the gym and just walk around and slap meat-heads in the back of the head wit h EPIC Bars while they are drinking their protein shakes. They try to chase me but they are very slow and I use the opportunity to invite them to step out of the 80's and into the 2010's, shed some bulk, and start eating like an adult. But its not just the nutritional aspects or the delicious tastes of EPIC Bar that inspire me, its also the connection the brand makes to ancestry, evolution, and adventure. I'm a believer in evolutionary psychology and the notion that our ancestors evolved and passed on genetic predispositions to adventure, physical activity and a taste for fats and meats to fuel these activities. EPIC Bar's philosophy and marketing makes this connection and taps into that deep primal feeling I experience during physical activity, connection to the past, that feeling of being wild and free, of survival and performance, of being part of something beyond one's self, of transcendence. The EPIC product and the adventurous lifestyle associated is a breath of fresh air in a world becoming increasing distracted and sedentary. I hope to continue to be a proponent of both the product and lifestyle, and together with EPIC Bar rise and inspire people to new heights of awesomeness. #goonsquad4lyfe

IMG_0338Brian is also the founder of Eagle's Nest Artistry and handcrafts custom tables! In fact, he built the EPIC trade-show table that travels the country!

What athletic activities do you PARTICIPATE in!? How did this passion develop!?
Currently I participate in HIIT, Barre, trail running, and various fitness competitions. I've always had a penchant for mischief and adventure. Early on I found sports and especially soccer to be a very rewarding channel for this energy. However, to the detriment of my reputation and school record, growing up, I consistently chose momentary excitement over responsibility and better judgement. This became quite destructive and self destructive during my teen years and came to a head post high school. After spending a few years cleaning up my life and working my way through community college I rediscovered a passion for lifting weights, but it wasn't until I lost my Father and my Mother shortly thereafter, both to cancer, that I realized my passion for movement, especially running, began. Early on I did it to cope, but soon thereafter I started to experience real positive change in my body and mind, and I've been doing functional fitness running, and growing my fitness life ever since.IMG_1165

Brian dominating the Boulder Flatirons circa 2012 (Can you spot the EPIC Bar?)

Please explain your personal food manifesto
How do you plan on promoting EPIC?
1. eating bars in public
2. encouraging people stop supporting terrorism and give them a try
3. always having some to give away
4. running races in EPIC Gear
5. posting pictures on insta and facebook with EPICBar mentions
6. sporting EPIC gear
7. speaking at private $10,000 a plate Illuminati parties
Who or what inspires you everyday?
The grim reaper inspires me to make everyday count. People who do amazing adventurous and courageous stuff. People who speak their mind and stand up for what they believe in unless they are wrong and stupid like that dumb idiot who complained about the EPIC van on Instagram. I will set that guy on fire.
How does EPIC fit into your lifestyle?
When it comes to daily nutrition, if it's not convenient and practical, its not sustainable. Being a Juggalo is a busy life, and I don't have time to make and carry around fancy meat with me all day. EPIC bar makes this possible. Problem fucking solved #FTW
Are you seeking a brand ambassador position or a sponsorship opportunity?
Ambassador to the Intergalactic Federation of Worlds Council on Intergalactic Relations
Please use this space to add any other INFORMATION you feel would be helpful in getting to know you! This could be race accomplishments or awards, how you discovered your passion for fitness and NUTRITION, or something unique about yourself!
Up until a month ago, I'd only run 3 races; a 5:17mile, a 3:28:56 Marathon, and a 8:27:00 50 miler, but in my mind I've run many more, mostly with dolphins.
Please include a photo of yourself participating in your favorite activity! 129018003009f (1)
Please share your social media handles. (Insta, Facebook) @Briandiego13, @eaglesnestartistry, Brian Allen-Aguilar, Eagle's Nest Artistry


Brian Allen-Aguliar. A truly EPIC superhuman and the newest addition to our EPIC ambassador program! Onwards to domination and making the world a better place!


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