Just as a cheetah’s natural habitat is the African savanna, sponsored athlete Erik Stanley’s natural habitat is the Barton Creek Greenbelt, which is the largest section of trail here in Austin, TX. You may find Erik on the trails any given day of the week, racing through the trees alongside the coyotes to catch his newest PR. Last September, Erik won the Big Sur Trail Marathon in 3 hrs, 2 minutes and 21 seconds, setting a new course record. He then went on to win the Cactus Rose 50 miler less than a month later, setting a course record with 7:14:38. Based on those two achievements alone, we had deemed Erik an EPIC athlete.


When Erik isn’t setting PRs, he manages Rogue Running, a shop here in Austin. He also works for Rogue as a coach, leading trail running groups on evenings and weekends. Erik’s patience and expertise makes him a fantastic coach for beginning trail runners. In his initial interview, he spoke a lot about his coaching and how much he enjoys seeing other runners take on the trail, because he can take someone who is looking for more in their life or in running and help them achieve their goals.


We’re happy that our bars can fuel Erik’s trail running adventures and his lifestyle. His food philosophy is to, “Eat locally, as fresh as possible, basic, and low ingredient.” He recently started hunting for his meat sources and loves EPIC bars because, “they’re from wild animals foraging and living in their natural environments.”


All athletes have their basic everyday routine, but Erik claims that he only must “Poop, Eat, Run and Love.” His motto is to “Love Thy Neighbor,” and he pulls all of his inspiration and guidance from his quiet trail runs. Erik finds solace on the trails because they’re “different, wild and scary. You may not see someone for miles and you have to be comfortable being alone with your own thoughts.” The quiet trails allow him to pulls guidance and support from the Earth’s energies.


Erik is truly EPIC, but to get a sense of how much time he spends training every day, we asked for a sneak peek at his training schedule. Currently, he’s looking to run a sub-4 minute mile and a sub 9hr 100k all within this year! Check out his schedule below and our video of Erik. We’re incredibly inspired by his passion for the trails and his desire to push his body to it’s absolute limit and couldn’t be happier to deem him EPIC.


Erik’s Training Schedule


  • 6am Personal Coaching Session, 3-5miles

  • 7am: 9 miles on Town Lake

  • 8-8:45am: Weights/Strength Training


  • 6am: Personal Coaching Session, 3-5miles

  • 7am: Interval, Speed or Strength Workout - 10 miles

  • Evening: Coach trail class


  • 6am: Personal Coaching - 5 miles

  • 7am: 9-12 miles


  • 5:30am- Coach Trail Class, 6-8miles

  • 7am- easy 7 or 8 miles

  • 8am - Ancillary with Rogue Athletic Club

  • Evening - optional easy run


  • 6am: Personal Coaching, 4 miles

  • 7am: Quality workout with Austin Track Club


  • 6am-11am: Coaching Trail Class, usually 12-18 miles


  • Long Run uptempo, 15 miles in 90 minutes.

For more information about Erik Stanley, check out his website @ about.me/erik.stanley


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