Inside the EPIC Wolfpack Den by Ashley Leline

Have you ever walked into a space and immediately felt good vibes? A hit you in the face, stimulate your brain and warm you in your heart kind of energy? The kind of feeling that makes you want to stay awhile? If you have not, then you have clearly never visited the EPIC Provisions HQ in Austin, Texas. Upon opening the front door, the environment is relaxed and chill. The aesthetic is homey and unexpected compared to a typical Headquarters office. You enter a world that represents what EPIC truly stands for – an intimate company that operates everyday with passion, history, innovation, conservation and duh- FUN. Inside you will find a space that is influenced by the animal kingdom, wanderlust, clean living and the inherent practice of being Wild and free.

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If we were take a trip down memory lane, you would find the same exact qualities in our previous HQ, which neighbored our co-founder's living space. A handful of people with a dream of “feeding people as they wished to be fed” while restoring the land which we depend upon. It was there when a trail map for EPIC began and evolved into what we have become. While our EPIC style, core values and hope’s have not altered, our need for more space ensued more quickly than we could have imagined! We could no longer load the Lady Buffalo sprinter van with enough product to ship out for the entire week. We could no longer rely on the USPS to retrieve a modest pile of packages from the duplex’s front door. Shit was getting real and we had to act fast. Here at EPIC we RUN, never walk, as a pack in everything that we do. Individually we wear many hats, we defy the odds and we do not rest until the task is conquered. It is who we are. I promise you, not a single person here would change this pace. We fight, and we win.

My love for interiors has always centered around mixing the old with the new in design. I had no idea that when we acquired a new space, Taylor and Katie would grant me creative freedom to decide what headquarters would “feel” like. I will never forget driving over to the new location and asking Katie… “So what is the plan, who is going to design it?” She calmly replied, “No clue.” I spontaneously volunteered for an extensive project that has been continual  (I just wrapped up an entire basement renovation) and hugely rewarding. The privilege of designing the interior at EPIC HQ and maintaining its aurora on the daily is an honor.


I am extremely visual in when I enter an environment. It is really hard for me to walk into a space and not immediately start rearranging and designing in my brain. This has proved helpful here as I have progressively been making adjustments and improvements along the way. Turning a dark, dungeon like basement into a creative work environment that people want to work in, has been super satisfying.

Rustic Modern with vintage accents is what you will find through out all of EPIC. The atmosphere is casual, textured, warm and inviting. We enjoy communal spaces, we have a large outdoor natural area along with three conference rooms and a large kitchen. The Zen Den is soothing and encourages the mind to relax and birth new ideas. It is a lounge environment that engages all of the senses. It features a water fountain, floor pillows, essential oils, calming music, chakra balancing stones and plenty of enlightenment for tapping into our creativity. This room is utilized solo or during team pow wows.


The Bone Zone is where we congregate to get to the core of matters. To solve and strategize, to set and attain goals, and be as efficient as possible.

Pound Town is pretty self explanatory. Here we get ruthless, here we dominate. Here we make shit happen!

Innovation station is relaxed, and centered around a 1970’s velvet couch with lots of pillows, animal skins and bean bag chairs that allow the team to sprawl out and think freely.

Our kitchen is the perfect backdrop for our marketing and blogging photos and inspirations. It is also where we all love to gather together and enjoy what we enjoy the most in life… FOOD.

Our Patio is filled with light and open air. A rustic bar allows us to conduct meetings, work in the outdoors or enjoy downtime through out the day.


Taylor & Katie’s Den is inspired by nature, with southwest accents, leathers, cacti, family heirlooms and natural light. It is one of my favorite rooms in the building and I find myself gravitating here often. In fact, as I write this piece, I have my bare feet kicked up, nestled into a cozy chair in the corner of this room. Three dogs lay at my feet. I hear the chatter of my wolf pack, preparing to check out for the weekend. The air is filled with laughter, and adventures are on the agenda for all. The evidence of another week of accomplishment is strong. My heart is full, and I cannot help but smile knowing that I am lucky enough to return on Monday and do it all over again.


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