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Introducing Performance Bars!

Introducing Performance Bars!

Yep, we have officially launched a non-meat bar. Why, you ask? Let us explain. 

Why is EPIC launching a non-meat bar?

First off, we want to emphasize that we are and will continue to maintain to our core values and non-negotiable quality standards. We still stand behind our ingredients and embrace the complex relationship between nutrition and health.

We understand that (unlike most of us here in the office) not everyone wants to eat meat bars all of the time. Humans seek variety, including in their sensory experiences. We wanted to offer something totally different but equally EPIC. Enter the only widely available fruit- and nut-based egg bar made with cage-free egg whites on the market! It’s for people who care about the welfare of animals and wholesome, quality ingredients.

How does this align with our values for animal welfare and soil health?

Glad you asked. The egg white protein is sourced from cage-free chickens. We know this could be even better, and launching this product to expand our market is the first step in improving the current egg-laying hen supply chain. Now, we’re able to impact some of the millions of hens raised specifically for egg production.

We promise to keep you updated as we continue to positively impact the supply chain. In the meantime, do a favor to your taste buds, your body, and the environment: ditch the gels and opt for a Performance Bar the next time you head out for your next race or training session. As always, thank you for your support and for voting with your dollar by choosing EPIC.

What’s up with the sugar?

The inherent complexity of the relationship between nutrition and health means that every body is different. We recognize that no one specific diet is going to work across the board for all people. Humans have different genetics, hormones, lifestyles, activity levels, and preferences.

From the beginning, Katie and Taylor have always believed that there is no such thing as a one-size-fits-all diet. Different people thrive on different foods, including natural sources of carbohydrates. While many of us here at EPIC feel best on a low-carb, high-fat diet, we still eat carbs—especially during exercise! 

All of the sugar in these bars come from whole foods, like dates. Unlike most protein bars on the market, they do not include refined sugars or unspecified “natural flavors.” With six ingredients or less, you know exactly what is fueling that EPIC trail run or climbing expedition.

Many athletes who thrive on a low-carb, high-fat diet find that adding in extra carbs around exercise—particularly during high-intensity and anaerobic trainingboosts performance and recovery.

“You can time [carbs] pre- and post-workout to increase your muscle mass and help you with your performance in so many different ways,” explains Emily Schromm, personal trainer and nutritionist. “I know if my carbs are too low—which they have been—then I get thrown off. But if I stay around 125–150 grams per day, I see changes in my muscle composition without blood sugar issues with excess carbohydrates.”

Basically, your body uses fat as fuel when doing low-intensity exercise like walking and gardening. When you bump it up to medium-intensity activities like recreational biking or light jogging, your body continues to utilize mostly fat but starts to tap into its carbohydrate reserves. High-intensity exercises like sprinting use more and more carbs as the intensity increases.

In short, while the percentages will vary based on the activity, most of us burn both carbs and fat during any given workout. Dried fruit like dates (used in our Performance Bars) are great for restoring glycogen stores quickly during and after a workout.

We do believe that carbohydrates—especially sugar—are best consumed along with protein and fat for a healthy blood sugar response. These bars make that easy to do with simple, honest ingredients (six or less!).

“For me personally, I enjoy eating carbohydrates and believe that they are an important part of fueling everything I do from training, to coaching, to traveling,” says CrossFit Athlete, James Hobart. “The struggle, especially if I am not prepared, is finding quality carbohydrates that are from real food and minimally-processed. Especially if I don't have a lot of time to eat, I still prefer real food compared to shakes or supplements—having a dense carbohydrate source made from real food is perfect for a quick snack to keep me going until my next meal.”  


We’re thrilled to offer the Performance Bar to athletes and conscious snackers everywhere. What’s your favorite way to incorporate carbs to fuel your EPIC lifestyle? Let us know in the comments below.

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