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Introducing the 2017 EPIC Impact Journal

Introducing the 2017 EPIC Impact Journal

The 2018 Impact Journal will be announced and released on December 1, 2018. For now, you can read last year's here. If you want a copy of this year's edition, you can do so in same ways listed below (starting Dec. 1). 



Packed with over 25 compelling articles and incredible photography, this 112-page publication is an ode to honest food production, regenerative agriculture, animal welfare, positive ecological impact, and the many other missions that have driven us since day one.

Boasting incredible photography and fascinating stories, our Impact Journal functions perfectly as a standalone magazine, office reading material, or coffee table book. Read below for instructions on how to receive your copy. 

 We’ve got big news, y’all. EPIC is proud to introduce its first-ever Impact Journal. This marks a historic day not for us, but for transparency, conscious consumerism, and responsible ranching. That’s because this journal celebrates the animals, people, and causes that are improving our planetary health through agriculture — and how we all can take responsibility through our food and lifestyle choices to ensure we leave this world better than we found.

This isn’t a PR pamphlet or a way to drive sales: it’s a professionally-curated magazine dedicated to the biggest victories, greatest challenges, and most important actors in the global revolution that is changing the way our food production processes impact our world. Featuring intimate and artfully-crafted supplier stories, close looks at the people and science behind regenerative agriculture and the fight to improve soil health, and tributes to the incredible animals that nourish our bodies and care for our lands, the journal honors those who have dedicated their lives to injecting perseverance and truth into every corner of our industry.

Now, you can get your hands on this never-before-seen magazine in three easy ways!*  

  • Place an order through our online store. Every package of EPIC will receive a free Impact Journal!
  • Buy at least $20.00 worth of EPIC products through an online vender (for example, or at a brick and mortar store (like Whole Foods) . To redeem your free Impact Journal through this, simply take a picture of your receipt and send it via a direct message to our InstagramFacebook, or Twitter accounts. 

The fact is, our consumers, partners, and suppliers have invested more time, money, and emotion in us than we could ever truly quantify. And while we can never thank all of you enough for your endless support and encouragement, we believe this Impact Journal embodies the bold, direct connections and high-quality storytelling that each and every one of us deserves in this life. Once you read its stories, we know you’ll have a greater appreciation for the food on your table and will fight for honesty, transparency, and altruism in agriculture.

So what are you waiting for? Grab yours today and impact your world like never before.

*Unfortunately, we cannot ship our journals internationally. If you are living abroad and would like a copy, please email!

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