Join the EPIC Affiliate Program! by Taylor Collins

EPIC Champions!

Today marks the re-launch of the EPIC Affiliate Program! We originally launched the program a couple years ago, but over time have decided it needed a refresh and so today is your opportunity to join the new and improved EPIC Affiliate Tribe!

What’s the EPIC Affiliate Tribe?
Being an EPIC Affiliate means partnering with us to promote

EPIC Provisions’ products, and being rewarded for any sales you generate.

How does it work?
We’ll provide you with referral links and EPIC banners you can display on your website or blog. This content will direct your audience to and you’ll earn 10% commission on any EPIC purchases they make in the next 6 months. Your referrals will remain your referrals exclusively for half a year thanks to our affiliate program software.

A Small Sampling of our Exclusive Affiliate Banner Options


What if I was already an affiliate?
Unfortunately, your old referral links and affiliate content will no longer work as of today and we'll ask that you sign up again below. Sorry for the inconvenience but we believe its well worth the better experience and results you'll see as an affiliate this time around.

Besides Feeding Others As I Wish To Be Fed…why else should I join?
All EPIC affiliates will also be eligible to receive a coupon code good for personal discounted EPIC products & swag! You will also be added to our press list and receive exclusive press kits that include new products before they hit the market!

Sign up and help lead the food revolution that's helping consumers eat better, improving the treatment of animals, and restoring Mother Earth.

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