RUN INTO THE STORM by Taylor Collins

In honor of our favorite North American ruminate, we are stoked to release limited edition bison shirts that will inspire you to act like a fearless warrior in your day to day lives!

When approached with a powerful storm on the horizon, bison instinctively run towards the looming threat. For example, when a powerful storm is approaching from the north (and moving south), a herd of bison will begin running towards the north. By facing their fears head on, and running directly towards (and through) the storm, the herd will minimize the amount of time they are exposed to danger.


Other domesticated livestock like cattle instinctively run away from the storm and will eventually spend more time exposed to danger by running inside the system. Take the same scenario as above, a fast moving storm coming from the north and heading south will eventually catch a herd of cattle trying to escape its trajectory. Once inside a storm, the cows will continue moving south and indirectly be exposed to longer periods of danger than the bison.

Take the wisdom of a bison and apply this to your own life. Run towards the storm! We are all faced with fears and insecurities on a daily basis. Whether or not we admit it, we frequently decide to run away or avoid facing these "storms". By doing this, we indirectly expose ourselves to longer periods of stress and unhappiness. However, if you practice acting like a bison, you will work towards facing fears head on and run at them with all your might! As a result, you will spend less time in distress and break through the "storm" thereby transforming yourself into a happier and healthier YOU. Enjoying your life and listening to your instinct is the foundation of living wild & free. You owe it to yourself!

Head over to the EPIC web store today and order your limited edition "Run Into The Storm" shirt! May these amazing threads give you the strength to crush life and act like a fearless bison!


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