Last month EPIC teamed up with some of our favorite brands and created an ultimate holiday survival gift set! The ready to gift baskets were loaded with a mix of the very best grain free products available, and armed consumers with essential paleo provisions to help maintain their grain free diets through some tempting times of year. The ornate baskets and stockings were composed of a glorious medley of artisan producers, uniting around REAL food and regenerating the environment.


In true spirits of the holidays, our goal was to donate 100% of proceeds to The Savory Institute! For those of you who dont know about the Savory Institute, here is my two sentence pitch... The Savory Institute is a non-profit, working to restore the worlds grasslands through the use of properly managed livestock. By doing so, the organization is dramatically transforming soil health, ecosystem diversity, local economies, and even sequestering carbon from the atmosphere and returning it to the soil (reversing climate change). Yes, I am telling you that cows can save the planet… EPIC right?!?

Mexico 1963-2003

In a brilliant display of support from consumers and bloggers, EPIC raised $25,000 for our friends at The Savory Institute! This money will be used to further their mission to restore the grasslands of the world and teach the land management principles developed by Alan Savory. This perfect symbiotic relationship gave consumers a amazing gifting option that could help restore the environment! Thats a truly EPIC win-win.


We would like to recognize and thank all the amazing companies that donated their fantastic products to this great cause. Without them, this Holiday Survival Kit would not be possible. Please continue to support these brands with future purchasing decisions as well as social media love! To learn more about The Savory Institute and regenerative land management, visit:

Brands that participated in the giveaway include:

TurmericAlive, Cappello's, Chameleon Coldbrew, Eating Evolved, Everyday Paleo, Fatworks, Hail Merry, Happy Hemp, Jackson's Honest Chips, Justins Nut Butter, Lovebean Fudge, Paleo Magazine, Primal Life Organics, Pure Indian Foods, R.A.W (Real And Worthful)., Rhythm Superfoods, Sea Snax, Simple Mills, Tessemae's, The New Primal, YAWP, EPIC, Nulo, Victory Belt Publishing, New Earth

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