What would happen if 2 cosmic lovers started a company together? What if that company was centered around a shared love of good food and health? What if that company was leading a food revolution that is improving the lives of humans, animals, and land! Wouldn't that would be EPIC?

We think so too. And like all things things in our lives, the wedding of our two founders was destined to be EPIC. For those of you who might be annoyed that this post has nothing to do with our bars, too bad (we will keep it short). The love saga that is documented here, has everything to do with the way we run our company!


The setting for our wedding was at the beautiful French Legation Museum. Not a traditional wedding venue, but perhaps the best kept secret of Austin, TX. The French Legation grounds housed the French Ambassador who dealt with the crazy Texans for many moons. The grounds were constructed in 1841 and boast the oldest standing home in Austin. This was a time when Apache Indians raided the early settlers of Austin as much of the state was inhabited by various Native American Tribes. The wedding ceremony took place on the historic porch of this well kept home.


The beautiful bride and her maid of honor were a sight to see! Katie's maid of honor is Sydney, Katie's oldest and best friend. Syd is a champion ultra trail runner and a long time EPIC believer. Wedding Fact #1: This was the first time Katie has EVER worn a long dress. TaylorKatieWedding-022

Every good man needs a best man. Gergo and Taylor got dressed in the open air of the French Legation Grounds. Their ancient friendship is based on a mutually agreed and unspoken oath to never wear shirts when they run together (as long as it does not drop below 50 degrees). Wedding Fact #2: It took Taylor 1 hour to tie his tie, and it took Gergo 1.5 hours. The effort paid off with stunning double windsor knots.

TaylorKatieWedding-099The ceremony was amazing! Taylor's brother serenaded the crowd with Johnny Cash songs before the main event. The entire ceremony was written by the two lovers and paid homage to the many things that bring them together. They promised to always fill each others lives with adventure, nourishing food, and copious sums of love.TaylorKatieWedding-078


Those who know Taylor and Katie are also fully familiar with their stunning chocolate lab! She is 4 years old, has the quads of a purebred race horse, and is no stranger to a tennis ball. She is also the resident office dog and connoisseur of EPIC bars that fall on the ground.


The wedding colors were gold, turquoise, and pink. Katie loves baby's breath flowers as well as most anything with a chevron patterns. As you might expect of two foodies, 95% of all wedding planning went into the dinner.


Wedding Fact #3: Taylor and Katie's favorite meal of the day is breakfast! Hands down. This is mostly because they get to eat bacon. So, they decided to have breakfast for dinner! Building the menu was pure joy. The highlight was focused on an entire 8 foot table covered with 80 pounds of Pedersons Natural Farms Bacon. This was referred to as the bacon station and it was heavenly.


Drinks were created in the honor of the couple's spirit animals. Taylor's was called the Buffalo Spirit and consisted of Ginger Kombucha and Deep Eddy Vodka. It was rather serious.


Katie and Taylor are kindred spirits who's love transcends time. They have filled the last 9 years of their lives with adventure, creativity, and endless love for one another. That is clearly reflected in the creation of their delicious bars. May their lives always be EPIC!

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