Plant-Based Meat Substitutes are Not Saving the Environment

  Earlier this month, we talked about lab-grown meat and why we don't think it's the answer to feeding a growing pop...

Lab-Grown Meat is Not the Answer

Meat-like substitutes made from plant-based ingredients and even simulated meat using plant cells to mimic the cellul...

The Mighty Pollinator

Bees hold the key to the future health of our food systems, societies, and planet.

Cracking the code on eggs: cage-free, free-range, and pastured

As you probably know by now, we recently expanded our product line to include non-meat bars. The Performance Bar is m...

Chicken Harvest at ROAM Ranch

Last Saturday, we hosted our first public event at ROAM Ranch. Co-founders Katie and Taylor purchased this 450 aces o...

Land To Market

The Land-To-Market Program: Where Consumerism, Activism, and Empowerment Converge

Multi-Species Operations

Why Collaboration Is Crucial In Nature & Agriculture

EPIC Receives Savory Institute’s Frontier Founder Award

Last weekend, we were honored by the Savory Institute with its Frontier Founder Award in recognition of the pioneerin...

Regenerative U

How Michigan State Became Ground Zero For The Food Revolution

Regenerative Agriculture

Our Best Chance To Combat Climate Change and Secure Our Planet’s Future

The Miracle in Bluffton

How Agriculture Transformed A Tiny Georgia Town From Dying To Thriving

Kale vs. Cow

The Case For Better Meat