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Today’s guest, Joel Salatin of Polyface Farm, is arguably America’s most famous farmer.

Known for his big grin and revolutionary ag strategies, Joel has been featured in the New York Times, Washington Post, and in documentaries such as Food Inc., American Meat, and Polyfaced. Joel was also a central character in Michael Pollan’s best selling book “The Omnivore's Dilemma”.


A 3rd-generation regenerative farmer, Joel has been going strong in the ag world for 50 years and is one hell of a storyteller. Given his vast experience, he’s able to peel the onion back on…

  • How America’s history influenced our current food/ag system
  • Why all farmers aren’t farming regeneratively despite the success he’s had doing it
  • The role the Kardashians — yep, the Kardashians — play in all this




And for this week’s Inside EPIC segment, we talk to our CFO/COO Robby Sansom. In addition to sharing how a 30-something year old ends up leading a multimillion dollar company, Robby gives us an inside peek on what it was like the moment he, Katie and Taylor agreed for EPIC to be sold. Robby pulls no punches, candidly discussing what’s been most encouraging and disappointing about the partnership between General Mills and EPIC.

And finally, I tell you how to get your hands on EPIC’s “Hottest CFOs of 2017” calendar. This episode is spicy, y’all — don’t miss it.

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