Earlier this month we featured a deep fried turkey recipe on our blog and it changed my life! I have always been enchanted by the art of deep frying holiday birds, but my excitement always fizzled out when confronted with purchasing low quality bulk cooking oils. These cheap plant based oils come from the usual low-grade commodity sources (peanut, soy, and canola) and have terribly poor stability. When deep frying a turkey, you need to hover your average cooking temperature at 350 degrees, and cheap vegetable oils begin oxidizing and releasing free radicals into your food at these heats. Not a very EPIC way to cook a turkey, and not a very EPIC way to feed your friends and family. 

Since animal cooking oils have innate stability at high temperatures, excellent flavor, and robust applications, it made sense to experiment with deep frying a turkey in one of our traditional oils. We decided the bright and distinct flavor notes of duck fat would best pair with turkey, and made the call to empty over 40 single serving jars of EPIC Duck Fat into a fryer. It was a little absurd and ridiculously expensive ($10.99/jar x 40 jars = $439.60!). Luckily we have aging R&D batches of EPIC Duck Fat sitting in the coffers and decided to make use of this liquid gold.

A smoking fryer full of duck fat

I would like to believe that we made history on this day by becoming the first people on earth to deep fry a free range/pastured raised turkey in 100% traditional duck fat. We felt like pioneers exploring the vast opportunities in culinary virtuosity and instinctively knew we were unearthing something that would forever change the landscape of Thanksgiving. The outcome was nothing short of exceptional and this turkey has become a legend within the walls of EPIC HQ. I consider myself somewhat of a holiday feast expert as I look forward to these meals 364 days a year. I typically eat from 3-4 different turkeys on this sacred day and have trained my own senses to appreciate the magic of a perfectly cooked bird. In my 34 years of turkey consumption I can confidently say that this was the most magical bird I have ever tasted! The duck fat left a crisp texture to the perfectly golden skin. Beneath this crunchy shell resided the moistest poultry meat I have ever experienced and teleported my taste buds to alternate realms of bliss.

Since publishing the blog featuring our deep fried turkey recipe we have received an overwhelming demand from consumers who want to fully optimize their Christmas turkey fry. You asked for it, and we delivered! 


EPIC is proud to offer a limited edition 3 gallon tub of the finest cooking oil on the planet. This “liquid gold” comes in at only $185/tub and can be used on ALL your favorite recipes. As with all our traditional cooking oils, we render our fats in a large kettle under low heat for a long duration. All impurities are filtered out, and the resulting product is nourishing, time tested, and delicious. Head over to the EPIC store today and purchase your 3 gallon tub of duck fat! We made an extremely limited quantity, so get your before we sell out. Make your holiday feast EPIC!


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