MAKE BREAKFAST EPIC! by Taylor Collins

Katie and I strongly agree that the first meal we eat each day should be epic! When we start the morning making healthy choices about the foods we consume it makes us feel better, more productive, and interestingly enough easier to continue to make healthy decisions throughout the rest of the day.

This is one of my "go to" morning meals. I eat a variation of this every single day and it never disappoints. Whether I am headed out for a morning workout or bunkering in at the EPIC World Headquarters for a long day of work, this meal makes me feel like a champion and holds me over till lunch!


There are many variations that you can tailor to your own taste. The basic premise is making eggs any style you like, adding your favorite fresh veggies, and then throwing in some chopped EPIC bars! My favorite EPIC bar to eat before 10 am is the Bison Bacon Bar! When heated in a skillet it tastes like the best sausage I have ever eaten!

Have fun with your foods. Experiment. Make your regular eggs EPIC and see how your body feels throughout the day! Here is what I ate this morning:


Carrots, squash, parsley... get ready to be chopped!


Get in that pan and make my house smell like you love me. Medium-high heat for you.


2 EPIC Bison Bacon Cranberry Bars please. 4 organic free-range eggs. Make em pop.


Happy Hemp (from Austin TX)- these raw hemp seeds taste like butter and act like a super food. No brainer. I also add 1 tablespoon of coconut oil to the finished greatness.

IMG_3444Holy smokes... its insanely beautiful, nutrient rich, and ready to make my body feel amazing! I encourage you to make your breakfast EPIC! It will not disappoint...

bison rendering

For the remainder of May, if you take a picture of how you incorporate EPIC into your morning meal we will send you an exclusive online coupon for 20% off! All you have to do is post your EPIC creation on our Facebook wall, Instagram, and Twitter! We will email you a VIP coupon to make your mornings even more EPIC!

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