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EPIC foods begins with a living animal

EPIC Honesty Pledge

Since our company’s inception, EPIC Provisions has championed the belief that transparency and honesty aren’t just industry ideals—they are necessities for a healthy society. By fostering a safe space for honest dialogue and shared information, we have pushed for more involved, informed, and conscious meat consumption. It is in this spirit that we are proud to present the EPIC Honesty Pledge, which provides a candid look at our company sourcing standards and how we are working tirelessly to improve industry practices as a whole. In doing so, we hope to continue injecting truth and clarity in a realm of business known all too often for murky, inaccessible, and misleading information.

In an effort to shine a light on our supply chain processes and how we source animals for our products, we are revealing our supply chain as it stands. This will help consumers understand where things currently stand and, more importantly, where EPIC is headed.

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