• Black-and-white portrait of EPIC co-founder Taylor Collins

    Taylor Collins


    Taylor hails from Austin, TX and has an extensive background in both the food industry and health care. More importantly he is a master of doing epic things. His love of the outdoors embodies the spirit of EPIC. When not working, Taylor is often found trail running deep in the Barton Creek Greenbelt or looking for buffalo to befriend. Taylor is both a competitive runner and triathlete with many top podium finishes. He is no stranger to "running with the buffalo spirit" and finds bliss in pushing his body to its limits.

    Most EPIC Adventure:

    Staring deep into the eyes of a wild mountain lion on a week long camping trip in West Texas.

  • Black-and-white portrait of EPIC co-founder Katie Forrest



    Katie is a native Austinite with a Masters Degree in Women's and Gender Studies. She is a proven entrepreneur with the instincts of an Alaskan Gray. In addition to her powerful senses, she is a ferocious multisport athlete with big wins at Ironman Wisconsin and top finishes at many bike races. Her warrior spirit drives the EPIC team to setting goals and working hard to crush them. When out of the office Katie is often spotted on isolated country roads riding her bike and looking for hawks to tame.

    Most EPIC Adventure:

    Hiking the final 800 meters to summit Kilimanjaro at 4am (with 70 mph winds at -20 degrees F) while having hallucinations of a pink foam encapsulating the mountain.

  • Sidd Singhal

    Brand Manager

    Sidd was born in Bombay, India but moved to Boston, MA at an early age, cementing him as a die-hard Boston sports fan and a truth-talking east coaster. After graduating from Dartmouth College, he went to work on Wall Street as an investment banker specializing in M&A. While he learned a ton, his "truth-talking nature" wasn't the best cultural fit and he leaped at the chance to work at a food private equity firm in Dallas, TX. That experience kick-started Sidd's passion for food and its impact on people and the planet, a journey that 10-years later brought him to Austin, TX. When he's not engaged in debates about food, sports, or leadership, you can find Sidd chilling in the city, sipping a beverage and listening to some sweet tunes. 

    Most EPIC Adventure:

    Climbing to the summit of Mount Nyiragongo, an active volcano that has one of the world's largest and most volatile lava lakes.

  • Jessica

    Senior Associate Brand Manager

    Born and raised in Michigan, Jessica ventured around the country (out east, down south, then west) until she found her spirit city in Austin, Texas. She started her career as a writer in D.C. and gradually transitioned into marketing, helping to build content strategy for e-commerce startups. She received her MBA from Emory University and then jumped headfirst into brand marketing at a winery in California. After a stint on the retail side of things, Jessica was looking to join a mission-focused brand found her perfect fit at EPIC Provisions. On the weekends, you can catch her at a local music venue, writing outside a coffee shop, or sipping natural wine with friends.

    Most EPIC Adventure:

    Sailing the British Virgin Islands for a week-long racing challenge, complete with high winds, 20-feet waves, and no modern navigational tools.

  • Black-and-white portrait of EPIC marketing associate Emily Scott

    Emily Scott

    Marketing Planner

    Emily hails from a small Texas town—so small, most of her fellow Texans haven’t heard of it. Her “wild and free” spirit eventually led her to Austin, where she found a home amongst the rabid wolfpack she now calls family. A film acting student and character on the local comedy scene, Emily is passionate about the environment, enjoys finding new ways to recycle, and loves to expand her knowledge of health and nutrition. When she’s not telling bad jokes at EPIC HQ, she can be found with her dog, doing yoga, doing yoga with her dog, or listening to an obscene amount of 90’s pop music.

    Most EPIC Adventure:

    Hiking on Mount Hood and "glamping" on the Columbia River. There may or may not have been a Sasquatch sighting.

  • Black-and-white portrait of EPIC marketing logistics support associate Cory Robertson

    Cory Robertson

    Brand Associate + DTC Lead

    Born and raised in Victoria, Texas, Cory spent his early years on large amounts of land surrounded by animals and nature. This gave him a close connection with and love for animals and the outdoors at any early age. After high school, he migrated to Austin, where he spent several years in the food industry as a swiss army knife. Since then, he earned his BA in graphic & web design from the Art Institute of Austin. Nowadays, Cory works hard to ensure the continued success of the EPIC brand and is growing rapidly in his immersive role in the company. On a Saturday or Sunday afternoon, Cory can be found running around the trails of Austin, soaking up the sun at a baseball game, or at the park with his girlfriend and dog.

    Most EPIC Adventure:

    Snorkeling around the Astron shipwreck in the Caribbean Sea off the coast of Punta Cana, Dominican Republic, with sharks circling below.

  • Black-and-white portrait of EPIC fulfillment specialist Shawn Gray

    Shawn Gray

    Fulfillment Specialist

    Shawn is from New Jersey, but knew from a young age that he belonged in a much warmer climate. Having spent his entire professional career in the commercial food industry, he was thrilled to discover in EPIC a company completely in line with his nutritional beliefs as well as those of humane animal stewardship. Now he makes sure EPIC products get into the hands of EPIC people at lightning speed. Shawn's leisure time is spent running around the beautiful streets and trails in Austin, playing and writing about video games, watching anime with his wife, or playing guitar. 

    Most EPIC Adventure:

    Encountering a wild bull while exploring the forests of Mexico on horseback.

  • Mike Mock

    Senior Warehouse Team Member

    Mike grew up a military brat, raised all over before settling down in Texas. He began his career creating graphics for a t-shirt company which led him to explore jobs in printing, purchasing, and warehousing. His career eventually led him to a small Austin warehouse that sold dog grooming products and then to a huge fulfillment warehouse that was pushing out over 60,000 orders per day, where he averaged 80-hour work weeks during the holidays. Once the fatigue of busy season wore off, he found a new home with the EPIC Wolfpack, where he immediately put his experience to work.

    Most EPIC Adventure:

    Taking a month-long solo road trip to New Mexico, Utah, and Colorado, and never spending a day or night indoors, carrying only what I could fit in a two-seat Honda CRX!