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7 Ways To Make Your Summer Road Trip EPIC

7 Ways To Make Your Summer Road Trip EPIC

Summer is almost here, which means endless trips and adventures await! We compiled some tips to consider before hitting the road. 

 Duh! EPIC makes the perfect satiating snack for those long hours in the car. 

Especially if you’ll be spending many hours in the car, download some podcasts or an audiobook on your phone the day before. Choose some that really hold your interest to avoid driving fatigue. If you're traveling with company, it’s fun to choose something conversation-provoking that everyone will enjoy. Creating a playlist specific for that trip also makes a free souvenir that lasts a lifetime. If you listen to the playlist throughout the trip, you’ll always think of the memories created when those songs come up again.

If you over plan, there will be no time to stop at that intriguing coffee shop or take advantage of that roadside photo opp.

It might seem worth it to push through hour after hour on the road but give your body a break and stop every couple of hours to stretch and walk around for a few minutes. You’ll find that you arrive to your final destination with more energy and less stiffness.

It’s easy to take your normal routine on the road with you, but trips are a great time to venture out a bit. Try turning your phone off completely for 24 hours, read a book that challenges your beliefs, or choose the hike that pushes your limits.

It’s fun to try new foods and splurge while on vacation, but it’s no fun to get sick when you’re away from home. Balance some of the indulgences with lots of water along with high-quality meat and vegetables, if possible. When in a new city, we like to scope out restaurants that support local farms. On the road, we supplement with Beef Liver Bites (we pair ours with roasted nuts like cashews) and Chicken Bone Broth as whole food immune boosters.

When you’re passing through or staying in new places, try asking the locals for tips on restaurants and outdoor adventures worth seeking out. It’s easy to just do an online search, but oftentimes those are written by tourists for tourists, which can cause you to miss out on a more authentic experience.

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