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What if the foods you ate could regenerate the land? Wouldn't that be EPIC?

Live epic, eat epic

EPIC is committed to being a constructive part of changing the paradigm in which ranch land is managed. We will continue to seek partnerships with ranchers that we deem EPIC and reward them for their commitment to healing the earth. Producing the finest meat available is only achieved when livestock creates a net positive return on the environment. By supporting ranchers who practice holistic land management, consumers can feel that they are no longer doing "less bad", but actually "more good" for their own health, the lives of the animals, and the overarching ecosystem that we call home.

The Savory Institute

While "grass fed" and "organic" is generally synonymous with healthy and humanely raised animals, the EPIC team believes that these standards are only the beginning to a greater and more encompassing system that can create value and restore the land.

We are extremely proud to be a sponsor of The Savory Institute who helps promote holistic land management practices.

Holistic approach

Amazingly, when abused land is managed properly, the addition of livestock alone can reverse the effects of desertification and return grass to the barren landscape! It's amazing to observe fence lines between holistically managed land and neighboring lands to see the difference. The only thing separating the properties are a barbed wire fence, however they often look like different planets. The Savory Institute sponsors many large scale restorative projects and some of the results have been nothing short of extraordinary.

Healthy Grass

Another powerful impact of holistically managed land is the unique ability of healthy grass to remove carbon dioxide from the atmosphere. The sequestration of carbon from the air and returning it to the soil is a brilliant and relatively unknown feature of pastureland. Grasslands are the second most effective resource to carbon sequestration and can effectively reduce the acceleration of global climate change.




A decentralized network of regional Hubs, educators, and land verifiers, working to create truly regenerative outcomes through applied Holistic Management.

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Read the evidence


The Science Library is packed with inspiring peer-reviewed science backing the multiple benefits of Holistic Management and regenerative agriculture.

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