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What are your shipping terms & conditions?

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For any defective product we are happy to replace the item(s) in question with coupon vouchers on a 1-1 basis. We do not replace/refund/or exchange product simply due to not liking the taste/texture.

Do you guys ship internationally?

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We currently only ship our products within the U.S.

Philosophy & Values

How can I support the EPIC movement?

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If you enjoy our products that feature grass-fed beef, such as the beef in our Beef Barbacoa-Inspired Bar, please join us in proudly supporting the Savory Institute's mission to heal the land using properly managed livestock. Go to the Savory Institute's website for more information or visit here to make a donation. Help us ensure that future generations can eat Epically!
For an explanation of the remarkable results achieved by the Savory Institute, watch Allan Savory’s TED Talk here.

What does EOV stand for?

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EOV stands for Ecological Outcome Verified, and is a certification process through The Savory Institute.

Okay, so what's the big deal with the EOV seal?

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EOV assesses key indicators of the effectiveness and health of ecosystem processes - criteria such as soil health, biodiversity, and ecosystem function (water cycle, mineral cycle, energy flow and community dynamics).


I have specific food allergies to ingredients found in some of your products. Are there allergen cross-contamination processes in place for the manufactoring of your products?

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Yes, Any EPIC product that contains any of the top 8 allergens or has any chance of contact with these allergens is labeled as such. Please know that we take allergens very seriously, and have made certain that our manufacturing facilities follow a stringent allergen management policy. This includes specific controls for raw materials and the manufacturing process, line scheduling, and sanitation to manage the risk of allergen introduction and the potential risk of cross-contact.

What are these fat deposits on my EPIC bars, strips, and bites?

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Some EPIC products commonly show visible fat deposits.  Our Wagyu Strips and Venison Strips are just a few examples. These fat deposits are an off-white color, and are perfectly fine to eat.

Why is there separation in some of the fats and tallows?

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Sometimes, our tallows can separate after it is filled. This is due to differences in crystallization of the fat at different ambient temperatures at the manufacturing facility after rendering. It does not reflect differences in the composition of the product.

Do I need to refrigerate bone broth?

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EPIC Bone Broth is shelf stable and only needs to be refrigerated after opening.

If I order bone broth during the winter, will it freeze in transit?

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While it isn't likely, there is always the possibility that our bone broth could freeze in transit. Especially in colder parts of the USA. If your product arrives frozen allow it to sit at room temperature until it is no longer frozen. Then feel free to open, sip, and enjoy.

Are the animal fats safe to eat uncooked?

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Absolutely. The fats can actually be used as butter replacement!

Are your products fully cooked?

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Yes!  All EPIC products are fully cooked.

I left my EPIC bar in a hot pantry/backpack/vehicle for an extended period of time. Can I still eat it?

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As long as the product has not reached the best by date and there are no signs of a compromised vacuum seal or apparent spoilage, the bar should be completely fine.

What is the solid formation in my broth?

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This is the collagen and fat content appearing and accumulating within the product.  This will dissolve once heated.

Can I get your products in Canada and abroad?

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Unfortunately our products are no longer available in Canada.

How long are the animal fats and tallows good for once opened?

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They are good until their expiration date but we do recommend refrigerating after opening.  Keep in mind, this is another EPIC product that is likely to come into contact with other food items.  We recommend keeping the fats refrigerated and using a clean utensil during every use.

What oil are your pork skins fried in?

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Our pork skins are fried in pork lard, declared on the label as 'pork fat'. Our baked pork rinds are coated in a light spray of pork lard before being baked.

Why is my bag of pork rinds only half full?

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While certain bags can appear less "full" than others, this is typically just an aesthetic issue, since each rind varies in shape and size. Each bag contains 2.5 oz. of product or the net weight declared on each package.

Where can I find your products?

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You can find EPIC products at Whole Foods Market, Sprouts, Target, Wal-Mart, Kroger, and many other locations. Please use our store locator tool to find EPIC near you.

How long are EPIC products good for?

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EPIC Bars, Bites, Bone Broth, Animal Fats, and Topper Bits have a shelf life of one year from date of manufacture. EPIC Snack Strips and Pork Rinds have a shelf life of 9 months from date of manufacture. EPIC’s Chicken Crisps have a shelf life of 8 months from date of manufacture. Any order placed on will always be guaranteed at least 90 days of shelf life.

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