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Lush Texas Hill Country, free range bison, and challenging terrain unite for the best trail race in the glorious state of Texas. The Durty Spur Trail Run is a small and fairly unknown event that takes place in the small Texas town of Hamilton. Amongst legendary local cowboys, Hamilton is the home town of Pedersons Natural Farms! Somewhat of a sacred shrine for the bacon enthusiast, Pedersons makes the finest uncured bacon known to mankind. Speaking of smoked meats, Hamilton TX is also the birthplace of Kent Wenzel and his fantastic smoke house right off main street. Kent makes a bison bacon burger that was the inspiration for our most popular EPIC bar (Bison Bacon Cranberry)... I need to get back on tract as I am letting my current hunger distract the intention of this blog.

Katie and I have participated in the Durty Spur since its inception in 2013 and each year we look forward to not only running but also having EPIC be a part of the festivities. As an official partner of the event and an ambassador of "Doing EPIC shit everyday", I want every single person who reads this blog to join us at my favorite trail race in Texas.


Top 10 reasons you should register for the Durty Spur Trail Run:

#1. EPIC bars everywhere! Not only will you receive EPIC bars in your race packet, but you will also be feasting on them at all aid stations during the event!

#2. Run with the buffalo. This exciting course is on a wild game sanctuary! You are likely to run across herds of free range cattle, bull elk, bison, and zebra. Last year I startled a herd of cows and started a stampede on my first loop! It was exhilarating beyond any other race experience!

#3. Texas Hill Country. The terrain is diverse and beautiful. You will run through lush pecan grooves, prairies of bluestem and curly mesquite, hearty meadows, and rocky limestone creeks. The terrain keeps you focused and prevents any dull moments.

#4. Cowboys everywhere. Like most small towns in Texas, Hamilton is a special place filled with good hearted locals that come out to support the event. Everyone has a smile on their face and the starting line is everything but intimidating! If you want to fit in, bring your boots and cowboy hat.

#5. Monster hill climbs. Carved from the rocky cliffs and the canyons of Little Bear Creek, this ranch is full of breathtaking beauty and breathtaking elevation gain. Only the ultra-hardcore will be able to run the steepest of grades on this challenging course.


#6. After party. The race starting area is transformed into an amazing concert event for an amazing after party. Kick back, enjoy some excellent Texas music, and make new friends.

#7. LIVE EPIC! Yep, its a tradition that our entire staff comes out and runs the race. You will be hanging out with our team and likely hearing some good gossip from the EPIC insiders. A few of our crew members are competing in their first ever 30K race! Watching Clint and Sarah transcend time and space will be worth the admission!

#8. Go long or go longer. You can register for either a 10K loop or complete a 30K day. Both are rewarding and sure to leave you inspired.

#9. Beat the heat. The Durty Spur represents the last comfortable race in Texas before the heat and humidity becomes overwhelmingly punishing. There is something about this race, in which every year it is a beautiful morning, brilliantly designed for runners.

#10. This event is for EVERYONE! Not only for racers, The Durty Spur is a fantastic challenge to complete with your friends or family. The course is so enjoyable, that some people walk the entire thing with a camera! Do NOT be intimidated to register, this event is very warm and welcoming. Register today at:

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