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Around these parts we talk a lot about living Wild & Free, living in the moment and letting your instincts take over, relentlessly exploring, learning, and loving. The concept is a staple of EPIC culture and spirit that will never and couldn't ever be taken away because it is the heart and soul of our company, of our Wolfpack. It's the reason why when we seek brand partnerships, we look for the same passionate souls that we cherish in ourselves. Which brings us to how EPIC became united with Rogue Expeditions.


Rogue Expeditions began much like EPIC did: A moment of "adventure inspiration," as Gabe Steger and Allison Macsas, founders (and lovers) of Rogue Expeditions, like to call their beginnings. Both runners and adventurers in their private lives, the two set out to coordinate trips for people to experience new places, connect with nature, and most of all wild & free! Whether you run a few miles per week or 50, Rogue brings people together who love adventure and embrace an active lifestyle. Morocco, Kenya, Chilean Patagonia, Europe, Lake Tahoe and Bend, participants are given the opportunity to to find their inner calling, their own quest for adventure.


At EPIC we believe you should do the things that make you feel most alive, the things that set your soul feel free and your mind at ease. When you live in the moment, not in the past or the future, you begin to realize that it isn't about the race..and as Allison and Gabe so eloquently say, it's about "using your own to feet to experience a place. Running is a journey, a way of connecting with ourselves and with the world."


As we live day-to-day, it's so easy to forget to live in the moment, to remember what's important and to be mindful of ourselves and what makes us feel alive. Rogue Expeditions takes it extreme levels to remind participants that the body is made to move. That we weren't meant to live a sedentary lifestyle.
On a Rogue Expedition or not, live your life in EPIC proportions. Put yourself in situations that allow you to take risks. Failure is an option. It's expected. It's what you do with failure that separates the champions from the mediocre and the adventurers from the mundane. You are this day. You are right now. Go do EPIC shit. 

Interested in taking a trip with Rogue Expeditions? Visit their website to learn more or sign up for a trip!

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