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A woman and a man pose in front of a grassy field with roaming bison in the background

Letter From Our Founders


The Gift of Fight


We are all born with innate skillsets that manifest our lives’ trajectories and establish the legacy we leave behind. Some of us are gifted with the ability to dream big, casting revolutionary visions that create waves in our culture; others are gifted with the ability to work hard—both physically and cognitively—in ways that defy the limits of what ordinary humans can accomplish. Other intrinsic gifts include communication, athleticism, and the capacity for knowledge.


While all natural talents contribute to the dynamic system we call civilization, nothing is more valuable than the gift of fight. In a culture where we often default to waiting for general consensus, fighters are the first to put their necks on the line, stand up for what they believe, and possess an unwavering ability to accept risk. Most importantly, fighters know how to execute.


Whether you recognize it or not, we are all born with the gift of fight. This gift is inherited through hundreds of generations before us—each overcoming tremendous obstacles and defying seemingly impossible odds to survive. If you are alive today, it’s because your ancestors were fighters, and that gift is now encoded in your own genetics.


With our current state of degraded natural resources, the deterioration of human health, and the accelerated impacts of climate change, now is the time to stand up and fight for something! That gift is within each of us, and there has never been a more important moment in history to fight for what you believe in. The chronicles contained in this journal will inspire you. They are selected with the intention to awaken passion and ignite action. These are the stories of people fighting to save our civilization, heal the planet, and create meaningful change.


Embrace your gift of fight. Greatness is infectious.

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