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A pack of wolves walking through a snowy forest.

Parting Message: Unleash the Wolfpack

a pack of wolves walks across a snowy forest. In a small corner, there's a circular logo that reads "EPIC Provisions 2019 Impact Journal"


Wolves stay together for the sake of their species, and it ends up benefiting the ecosystem. When food is plentiful, young wolves stay with their parents long beyond the five months of age at which they are able to survive on their own. Larger packs are advantageous to the development of the younger wolves who can share large prey hunted by their parents. Consequently, when packs are able to stay together, less food is wasted since more wolves are more likely to finish a whole large animal (such as a moose or bison) before it spoils. The removal of sick or weak prey animals simultaneously strengthens the whole ecosystem.


When young wolves are able to stay in packs with their parents for longer, they also have more time to learn hunting and survival skills before going out on their own. Ultimately, wolves have evolved to stick together to allow for better resource management and youth development. Packs tend to break apart only when food is scarce and there is not enough to disperse among the whole group.


In this abundant period within human history, it is time to join together—to share resources, ideas, and initiatives in order to strengthen our positive impact. This time calls for more intentional and cohesive change than ever before. The climate is changing due to human behaviors, polarization is being fueled at the expense of meaningful change, and the human species seems to be more disenchanted than ever.


We cannot make the change needed solely fighting as individuals. A selfish, short-sighted mentality has created many of the issues we now face. I urge us all to take a lesson from the wolves—to trust in the power of community to create a collective action with exponential impact. Together, as a pack, change is imminent.


Liz is a writer, marketer, and nutritionist—living the dream in Austin, Texas. She holds degrees in business and Spanish from the University of Texas. Since environment and nutrition have long been two of her most consistent fascinations, Liz officially landed her dream job when she started working for EPIC Provisions. Liz seeks adventure and joy in her daily life. Outside of the office and kitchen, you’ll find her cycling, rock climbing, or teaching yoga.

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