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We’ve all read about the myriad of global issues that could spell certain disaster for humanity: climate change, water shortages, poverty, hunger, inequality, the list goes on. The regenerative agriculture movement, led by organizations like the Savory Institute, is not based on theories proposed by think-tanks or bureaucracies, but rather solutions from innovators on the front-lines who have stared these overwhelming problems in the face and found ways to overcome them.

Grassland ecosystems are some of the most important landscapes on the planet. They sequester more carbon than any other, second only to oceans. When managed properly they play a tremendous role in increasing water quality and availability, producing healthy abundant sustainable food, restoring biodiversity, and fostering thriving rural economies.

We are very proud to be a part of this event as the title sponsor and we invite you to join us at the Savory Institute’s international conference, “Artisans of the Grasslands - Crafting the Future For Food & Agriculture.” Their organization has cultivated this incredible annual event into a forum that celebrates real world solutions to these problems. The conference is October 2-4 in San Francisco. Each speaker in their event’s line-up is a “solutionary” and has had tremendous success in their field tackling global-scale issues that impact the environment, health, economy, or humanity.


Amongst some of the most inspiring presenters on the planet, EPIC founders Taylor Collins and Katie Forrest will be hosting a business development panel unlike anything you have experienced. The 1 hour session is devoted to helping entrepreneurs build a successful business from their passion.

Additionally, EPIC is debuting a new product at the conference that will change the landscape of consumer packaged goods and set a new standard to high quality animal based snacks!

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Whether you're a foodie, farmer, rancher, environmentalist, gardener, permaculturalist, new landowner, activist, investor, community organizer, or just interested in making the world a better place, the Savory Institute invites you to join the conversation. This conference will be a once in a lifetime opportunity to both learn and network. Surround yourself with top thought-leaders from a multitude of disciplines. Engage with an international community ushering in a new era of hope. And best of all, you get to participate, these Savory conferences are unlike others where you just digest information, but rather each individual who attends helps steer the conversation with their input and expertise.

So come and unite with a conclave of game-changers and harmonize in a universal language of the land. Come celebrate the Artisans of the Grasslands with us. It will undoubtedly be EPIC!

Go here for more information and to get tickets

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