For centuries, humanity has looked to bone broth for warmth, nourishment, and well-being. At EPIC Provisions, we’re proud to continue this rich tradition while honoring the animals we source.  


As a fast-paced, entrepreneurial company, it’s paramount our wolfpack stays at the top of its game. To ensure everyone here feels supported and rested, we foster an environment that puts the utmost emphasis on employee health and happiness. There’s a number of things that go into this—company runs, potlucks, work-life balance—but make no mistake about it: if anybody around here's in need of sustenance or is feeling under the weather, we hand 'em a jar of bone broth.


I’ll break this down a bit for anyone who’s unfamiliar with bone broth. Essentially, it’s a nutrient-dense liquid derived from animal bones. During long hours of simmering at low heat, these bones are slowly broken down to release vital nutrients, minerals, and collagen. The result is a nourishing beverage that’s a shockingly abundant source of healthy materials. No wonder it’s an age-old tool to improve and support a healthy immune system.

Four jars of bone broth in different flavors sitting on a log

And yet, the concept of bone broth and how it’s consumed is largely alien to people these days. To some, the thought of drinking broth from boiled bones sounds either: a) strange, b) antiquated, or c) disgusting. But in truth, there’s more to it than just ancient custom. It’s extremely easy to drink and isn’t gelatinous or difficult to stomach. In reality, though, it actually has been proven to help reduce digestive inflammation and heal gut issues thanks to its collagen content.  Furthermore, it can help slow the effects of aging—like wrinkles and joint deterioration—while promoting more efficient metabolic patterns. Perhaps its most crucial ingredient is glycine, an amino acid that can boost muscle growth, protect joints and cartilage, and promote better sleep. It’s truly a wellness swiss army knife.


It’s also delicious. Because bone broth doesn’t possess an innately strong flavor, it can be easily manipulated for a number of palates. For instance, EPIC currently has four different types of broth: Homestyle Savory Chicken, Beef Jalapeño Sea Salt, Turkey Cranberry Sage, and Bison Apple Cider. Each is shelf-stable, unique in taste, and versatile as can be. In fact, while people tend to think of bone broth as a cooking stock—it’s perfect in soups and stir-fries—we recommend drinking ours like you would coffee or tea. Luckily, our superior brewing process makes it both ready-to-heat and delicious at any temperature.However you prefer to consume it, we’ve got you covered.


We’re still improving, too. Thanks to continued efforts to optimize our brewing process, we’ve recently added more bones to our formula and enhanced our prepping/cutting methods. The impact on taste and density is obvious—the better the bones, the better the broth.


This speaks to our company’s overarching desire to always strive for greatness. In that spirit, we’re going to continue championing this amazing nutritional tool and the waste-minimizing cause behind it: The Whole Animal Project. By staying true to our ancestral roots, we’ll further our fight for honoring the brilliant animals we source while producing this wholesome, nourishing beverage.


Disclaimer: Although we believe bone broth is an important part of a healthy lifestyle, we are not advocating it is a life-saving or disease-preventing substance.

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