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Chicken Harvest & Butchery Event

Chicken Harvest & Butchery Event

Did you know that our founders’ efforts in regenerative agriculture were featured in Forbes last month? Check out what they had to say about ROAM Ranch:

Forrest and Collins are barely a year into this experiment, but so far, they’re succeeding in that goal. They began bringing bison to Roam, which sits 70 miles from Austin, in December. They estimate it was the first time buffalo had grazed that particular ground in more than 130 years. They’ve also added about 200 chicken, and 15 ducks. And true to their hypothesis, the addition of animals—and particularly, large grazing animals like bison—has done wonders for the land.  



Do you want to get involved? Have you ever been interested in butchering your own meat straight from the land? Well, now’s your chance to do both at once at our first-ever event at Roam Ranch open to the public!

Founders Katie and Taylor will give a tour of Roam where participants get to see and feel the renewed health of the land as a result of regenerative agriculture. Katie and Taylor will then provide step-by-step, hands-on instruction for harvesting and butchering a pasture-raised chicken from their land. Picnik Butter Coffee and EPIC snacks will fuel the day. Most importantly, profits will be donated to support global grassland restoration efforts.

Reserve your spot here, and we’ll see you in Fredericksburg for an EPIC day. Bring home your own chicken to cook for dinner, and you’ll likely savor each bite with a whole new appreciation.



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