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This month we are proud to shine the spotlight on one of our favorite local retailers, Farm To Market Grocery. Farm To Market is located on S. Congress Ave. (SoCo for the locals) and is actually within walking distance of the new EPIC Headquarters!


Meet Peg, the owner of this fine establishment, and legend in her own right. Peg is an extraordinary individual whose life story seems to be written right off a bucket list! She not only possesses a Master’s degree from MIT, but has spent time in the Peace Corp., and worked in the Colonias helping rebuild less fortunate areas. As for her current professional career, what started off as an investment opportunity now serves as Peg’s livelihood. She owns and operates one of the finest gourmet/organic markets on the planet!

Top-secret fun fact about Peg:
She has spent years helping others and learning both fascinating and heartbreaking facts about other cultures. To keep these memories alive, she names her pets after certain aspects of her travels. This serves as a reminder for her and her family of life’s joys and the fact that everyday is special.

Thankfully, our fearless founders Taylor and Katie happened upon Peg one day while training for triathlons at Big Stacy pool in Austin. That meeting led to Farm2Market being one of the very first retailers of EPIC. Peg has the highest standards for what is placed on her shelves and luckily the EPIC line meets her list of qualifications as a product she is happy to offer along with a ton of other wholesome treats to fuel your life.


Since relocating our main office, the EPIC Headquarters is now a short walk (3 min. max) from Farm2Market. As a result, we are able to fuel our bodies with all sorts of whole-food goodness to get us through the day thanks to Peg and her team of culinary geniuses.

All of us at Team EPIC have our go-to snack/drink/meal of choice at Farm 2 Market. Mine was actually a tie between Beanitos Brand Chips and Taco Deli breakfast tacos. However, if I was stranded on an island and could only choose between one or the other.....I would definitely have to go with a Taco Deli papas-egg & cheese taco! Hopefully it would be an island full of lush grasslands inhabited entirely by holistically raised bison so I could get my EPIC bar fix as well.





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