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In the hustle and bustle of life it is easy to become bogged down with the monotony of everyday stresses.  At EPIC we make an effort to take time out of our hectic lives to connect with nature and reflect on the roots of our ancestors, whether that means going for a run down at the Austin Greenbelt or heading over to Austin's Zilker Park for a little atlatl throwing. 

Atlatls, also known as spear-throwers, are long-range weapons that can reach projectile speeds of over 150 km/h or 93 miles per hour!  Made with Reindeer antlers, atlatls predate bows and arrows dating back all the way to the Upper Paleolithic period about 17,000 to 21,000 years ago.  This one handed weapon was previously used in the Americas to hunt mammoths and mastodons, and today can be found used in traditional societies.


Below we have laid out step-by-step instructions on how to become an Atlatl throwing expert and will most definitely leave you feeling like a modern bonafide badass.     

  1. Set up a target, like a pumpkin, as far away as you would like.  Note: the further away the better as atlatls need room to fly 
  2. Take one arrow in one hand and your atlatl in the other hand.  Connect the end of the arrow with the feathers to the pointed tip of the atlatl so that it is secure.  Next, secure the body of the arrow into the grooved rest near the end of the atlatl.
  3. Once your arrow is secure, hold the atlatl in your dominant hand.  Place one or two fingers on the top of the arrow and your thumb resting on the inside of the atlatl.
  4. You are ready to throw!  Bring the atlatl back horizontally towards your ear and with one swift motion release your arm all the way forward with force and let go.  Practice makes perfect. 
  5. Be careful and smart.  Atlatls are not toys.  Do not throw in the direction of people or animals.  Exercise caution and engage in this activity at your own risk.

Want to win your own spear-thrower?  Enter to win an Atlatl as well as 2 bags of Salmon Bites and 2 Venison Bars by visiting our Instagram page! 

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