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Introducing EPIC Bites!

Introducing EPIC Bites!

The EPIC saga continues with our newest product line, EPIC Bites! The bite-sized and better for you snacks are a convenient source of high quality animal protein for ingredient label reading foodies who refuse to compromise on flavor. As with all EPIC products, we source only the finest animal meat from ranchers that we deem EPIC.


Here are the top 10 reasons you will love the new EPIC Bites:

#1. Bacon Lust. Indulge in it. Frequently and furiously. Our new Bacon Bites product allows you to enter pork belly bliss at any time of the day or night. This savory product begins with 100% heritage bred Berkshire pigs. The Berkshire hog is a legendary animal bred exclusively for its incredible flavor and cute belly.

858284002506#2. Sugar free snacking! Our new bites are the ONLY jerky product on the market without added sugars! Go ahead and look at the ingredient label of your favorite jerky. If you are reading this blog you likely have higher standards than brown sugar or evaporated cane syrup, however it will likely have honey, apple juice, coconut sugar, or maple syrup. Do you add sugar to the steak you cook at home? Of course not! So why add it to your jerky?

#3. 100% Grass Fed Beef. Our Beef Cranberry Sriracha Bites are created from free range, grass fed, and grass finished beef. Doesn’t get any better than that!


#4. Tender and never tough. EPIC Bites have great mouth feel and an incredible bite! If you hate chewing on overly tough “meat bubble gum”, you are not alone. Our bites are easy enough to eat while hiking, biking, or typing this blog (I cant help it, sorry).

#5. Non-GMO Chicken is EPIC! Our Chicken Sesame BBQ Bites are made from non-GMO fed chicken that is also independently certified to be raised in a humane manner. Supporting ranchers who consciously decide not to feed their animals genetically modified food is not only better for the animals themselves but also the end consumer and planet!


#6. Snackable and sharable. EPIC Bites are conveniently packaged in a resalable bag that not only looks stunning, but keeps product fresh in between snack attacks. The bite-sized pieces are also great for rationing out to your best friends!

#7. Redefining superfoods. With flavors like Bison Bacon Chia we are combining powerful animal based superfoods with potent plant based superfoods. The finished product is nothing short of super and loaded with healthy fats, protein, vitamins, and minerals!


#8. Gateway drug. If you still think its strange to eat a protein bar made of meat, you are stuck in the days before EPIC Bar hit the scene. Take a leap forward from 2013 and give our Bites a chance. They tend to be more mass friendly and a more familiar form and texture of dried meat. Who knows, maybe after a few bags you might even work your way up to an EPIC Bar!


#9. Clean ingredient label. We are super proud of the simple and highly powerful ingredients that we used to create our EPIC jerky. Like all EPIC products, expect to find clean and whole food ingredients without artificial preservatives, unlabeled spices, or shady food like substances.

#10. Be EPIC and Live EPIC. When you eat EPIC products you are casting a vote in favor of an exciting food revolution. As a consumer you are deciding to reward ranchers and brands that are determined to improve the health of our land, animals, and fellow friends.


Order yours today by heading over to our online store or find EPIC Bites hitting store shelves nationally throughout April and May!





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