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Introducing Rise & Grind Bars!

Introducing Rise & Grind Bars!

Our new Rise & Grind Bars have officially launched in two amazing flavors:

Bacon and Egg Yolks Bar

Chicken, Egg Yolks, and Apple Bar


Clearly, the star of the show here is the organic egg yolks, so you might be asking...why?

Infographic explaining the benefits of eating egg yolks

Besides being nutrient-dense and delicious (they add a rich savory flavor), we also feel that supporting free-range and pastured egg supply chains helps create a more ecologically viable food system. Outdoor egg-laying hens add valuable nutrients back into the soil through their manure, which helps with grassland restoration. Their foraging also helps manage bugs, especially helpful for multi-species operations where nutritious food for chickens can become parasites for ruminant animals.

Moreover, eggs provide this incredible nutrient and protein profile while requiring less resources than the production of many other foods. They are less water-intensive than tubers, dairy, farmed fish, and conventional beef. Keep in mind that this study (along with most others) was done on conventionally raised foods, so organic and free-range eggs likely have a much smaller impact than what’s been measured.

We’re proud to partner with Pete & Gerry’s to source these egg yolks. They supply us with organic, free-range eggs that come from small family farms. This is the first time they’ve sold their eggs in powdered form, which we use in our bars so that you can enjoy the amazing goodness of egg yolks without worrying about spoilage or mess.

For Pete & Gerry’s, this means they can better manage the seasonality of eggs and mitigate some risk. With newfound demand and confidence, they’ve been able to add more family farms to their network.

Now that the misconception that dietary saturated fat and cholesterol cause heart disease has been debunked, more people are seeking out high-quality and responsibly sourced animal-based superfoods more than ever before. We recognize egg yolks as one of these superfoods and are are thrilled to incorporate them into our new Rise & Grind Bars so that you can stay properly fueled wherever life takes you!




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