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Through the brilliance of natural selection, wild animals have evolved by adapting to changing habitats, hunting and foraging, and avoiding predators. Much of this survival is based on instinct that has been genetically encoded for thousands of generations and passed on to the strongest, fastest, and smartest offspring. The evolution of wild animals never stops, as they constantly work to adapt to changing environments. For this reason, there is much to learn from observing animals in their natural habitat.


I find that gaining inspiration from wild animals comes easy and implementing lessons learned through observation can positively impact my life. Watching a herd of bison stampede into an oncoming storm for the purpose of “breaking through” and finding safety has inspired me to approach fear the same way. Learning this has been so impactful to my life that I use the phrase “run into the storm” on a daily basis.

As an omnivore who tends to lean closer to a carnivore, I share a respect and nostalgic admiration for predator animals in the wild. Out of all wild carnivores, I have a special affinity for wolves, coyotes, and foxes. These special animals give me inspiration and produce a visceral desire to live my life wild and free. Similar to “acting like a bison” and charging fear head-on, I believe there is extreme value in “eating like a wolf.”


Wolves are notorious for the unique order in which they consume their prey. Shortly after the kill, a wolf will tear open the animal’s abdominal cavity and consume the organs. The “prized meat,” which is consumed first, includes the liver, heart, kidneys, spleen, and other vital organs. Contrary to modern day hunters and most human carnivores, wolves will leave the lean whole muscle meat for scavenger animals to consume as carrion. Perhaps by observing wolves or through deeply encoded instinct, our human ancestors ate the same way. In particular, the liver, heart, and visceral fats were cherished as the most sacred. The lean meats prized by modern humans (filet mignons, rib eyes, and sirloins) were fed to dogs or left for other scavengers to consume.

For those of us who commit to improving our diets by “eating like a wolf,” EPIC has you covered. Our new Beef Liver Jerky Bites are one of the most nourishing foods in existence and contain many nutrients that are difficult to get elsewhere. Boasting an impressive 20g of grass fed animal protein, 60% DV of Vitamin A, 180% of Vitamin B12, 15% of Phosphorus, and 90% DV of Copper, EPIC Beef Liver Jerky Bites are guaranteed to fuel your body and inspire your most EPIC adventures.


By “eating like a wolf,” you are nourishing your body with some of the most powerful super-foods in existence. By doing so, you are establishing a foundation to enrich your own diet and maximize your ass-kicking imprint on the world! Live EPIC, eat EPIC.

The EPIC Grass Fed Beef Liver Jerky Bites are sold exclusively online at

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