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Hurricanes. Flash floods. Tsunamis. Storms have caused some of the most unbelievable and unforgettable destruction our world has ever seen. But they also create seismic positive change and provide the planet with essential resources. They’re the most beautiful, wild, and impactful events known to man.
Every year, the EPIC team comes up with an annual ‘Battle Cry’ to guide our company’s path throughout the year—our North Star. We were struggling to come up with a theme, so we looked around us. One of our favorite sayings is that while most animals turn and run when a storm is on the horizon, buffalos do the opposite: they run directly into it. They face their greatest obstacle head-on. They choose to embrace change, rather than run from it. But why be the buffalo when you can be the storm, the grandest symbol of the earth’s awesome power? Our thoughts exactly.


That’s why we selected “We Are The Storm” as our battle cry for 2017. Like these awe-striking manifestations of nature, EPIC was built to become a force of change in the commercial food industry. We’re not content with the status quo and are going beyond the sustainable and organic models. Instead, we’re going all-in on regenerative nose-to-tail products that can heal the land and better care for the animals we live alongside. Storms may be wild roars from nature, but they also mend our planet and provide life supporting water to all its inhabitants. They’re the perfect blend of brawn and benevolence.

It takes a village, though. If we’re going to shock the world and alter the food landscape for good, we’re going to need help. Because although it’s our responsibility to inspire, the true power lies in the hands of our consumers and our champions. It’s up to you—all of you—to impact your surroundings and change your community for the better in any way you can. Be bold. Be brave. Together, we can smash every obstacle we encounter. Glass ceilings were meant to be shattered.


To make the largest impact and make your voice heard, you have to be loud. You have to be strong. You have to be ferocious. But if you’re shaking the walls and rustling the trees, your message better be worth a damn. And that’s what we’re out to prove this year: that EPIC, our products, our message, and our mission to disrupt harmful and unhealthy food industry practices are the real deal. We’re not the bison charging into the storm—we’re the whole freakin’ thing.

So get ready, 2017. Here we come.

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