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Hello EPIC Tribe. We wanted to update you on some changes in your adored Bison Bacon Cranberry bar and further explain the underlying factors that led to a new bar. Its helpful to begin by saying that EPIC is fully committed to sourcing 100% grass fed animals because we strongly believe that it is more nutrient dense for consumers, more humane for the animals, and better for our environment. This commitment is a fundamental principle that has shaped our company culture and allowed us to support truly EPIC ranchers in our mission to create a the most nutrient dense and healthy snacks.

Close up image of EPIC's grass fed bison bar being held by a woman.

Unfortunately our 100% grass fed bison supply chain is at maximum capacity. This problem is a result of ranchers deciding to finish their bison on grain due to the popular demand of large companies that control the supply chain. Out of the 3,500 bison slaughtered every month in North America, only 5% is grass fed. That makes us sad, but is also encouraging because we have seen that supply chain increase from around 3% when we started EPIC.

Image of a man holding a open EPIC bison bacon cranberry bar.

The good news is that we are continuing to incentivize and seek partnerships with ranchers who are open to converting their herd to a grass-finished program! Due to the overwhelming support of our loyal consumers, we have been able to increase the market demand for high quality grass fed animals and we are pushing ahead stronger than ever! It’s a very democratic movement in which every dollar you spend on animal meat casts a vote for how animals are treated and what they eat! We are all playing a critical role in an exciting food movement that is focused on animal welfare, healing our environment, and consuming whole food protein sources.

Moving forward we have started supplementing our 100% grass fed bison supply with a pasture centered but grain finished supply. We will continue to make as many 100% grass fed Bison Bacon Cranberry bars as we can, but you might notice the same Bison Bacon Cranberry bar without a “100% Grass Fed” label and in its place a "100% Natural" label.

The new "Natural" pasture centered bison are sourced from ranches that raise the animals free to roam, graze on pasture, but are supplemented with grain. The animals are a part of the Whole Foods Global Animal Partnership program and exceed the standards of a “natural bison”. Other than the source of bison changing, nothing else is different about the bar.

For the hardliners who refuse to eat anything but the 100% grass fed Bison Bacon Cranberry bar, we suggest you buy it directly from us. It will always be available directly on our web store as well as stores that order directly from us. The "100% Natural" Bison Bacon Cranberry bars will only be distributed through our large national distributors.

Close up of a woman holding a EPIC Bison bacon cranberry bar while reading the newspaper.

Now that you understand why we have a “100% Natural Bison Bacon Cranberry bar”, we hope you continue to support ranchers who value finishing their livestock on grass. Remember, you decide to reward ranchers who share your values when you make purchasing habits that are focused on grass fed. We will continue to do our part, and we hope you continue to join us! 

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