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Happy Earth Day!

Happy Earth Day!

One of EPIC’s core principles is to honor nature in everything we do. In honor of Earth Day, we asked around the office to see what our team does uphold this value in their everyday lives.

Andrea Romero - Design Lead

I avoid using plastic bags when shopping for groceries by bringing reusable bags, including small mesh bags for produce. They tend to keep produce fresh longer, which is an added benefit. I also eliminate food waste – especially with produce. My partner and I try to use up all fresh herbs and veggies within the same week we get it by prepping two different recipes to use up all ingredients.

Mesh bag with fruit on white background

Shawn Gray – Direct Order Fulfillment

My wife and I only use health and beauty products, clothing, and household items that are vegan and cruelty-free. In many cases, we make our own. I make my own toothpaste and deodorant. We only use glass or stainless steel in the kitchen — no plastic.

Nicole Evans – EPIC Assistant

My fiance and I rarely use our AC; using fresh air and fans instead, we acclimate throughout the year to the seasonal temperature. We limit dishwasher and washing machine usage to once a week, and we air dry a lot of our clothing. I also adore vintage things that have a story and still have life in them and source a lot of my wardrobe from second-hand treasures (this goes for furniture, appliances, dishes, etc. as well!).

Clothes hang drying outdoors

Ashley Leline – EPIC Office/Event Coordinator

My family and I honor nature by avoiding plastic in EVERY way possible. We use hydroflasks for water, glass storage for food, electric toothbrushes, reusable grocery totes, titanium straws, and even refuse the packaging from takeout. Does a breakfast taco really require a plastic bag? #plasticisnotfantastic


Kirk Blanchard - Director of Operations

I plant trees. And so should everyone else.

Small baby tree next to a large tree trunk

Clint Clancy – Customer Contacts/eCommerce

At the Clancy casa, we are all about reduce, reuse, recycle. Our recycling bin is always full by trash day, leaving our waste bin almost empty each week. Any plastic we do use, we try and find creative ways to reuse it. For example, we rinse out used Ziploc bags in order to get more than one use out of them. Also, if we happen to get plastic bags at the grocery store, we reuse these to clean up after our pups when taking them for walks.



Liz Harroun – Brand Journalist 

I ride my bike as much as possible to cut back on car emissions (and to enjoy fresh air and movement on my commute!). Usually I only end up driving my car around 20 miles each week. 

Woman riding commuter bike during daytime


Eric Le – Meatcaster

I keep a ton of reusable grocery bags at home and in my car so that I can always forget them when I go into a grocery store and end up with stacks of paper bags to recycle. I’m supporting both the recycling and reusable brain fart at a time.


Tag @epicbar with #honornature to show us how you honor nature!


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