When you start a company, take a leap of faith, or make a major decision, you quickly realize that hesitation is your worst enemy. That’s why in founding EPIC I’ve learned acting boldly and moving quickly is THE key to crushing life and unleashing your inner warrior. Katie and I have prioritized this deep-rooted value since the inception of our company and continue to hold the message near to our hearts. Although initiative, execution, and agility all carry a certain degree of risk when applying them to making decisions, I have always believed the greater risk is rooted in uncertainty, second guessing, and procrastinating. After all, you can’t hit a homerun if you never swing the bat.


The launch of our business was based on a distant dream and the belief that consumers wanted a high quality, clean, savory protein bar made from various pasture raised animals. We had no time or money to perform consumer research, nor did we have the desire to create a detailed business plan. So instead, the most important thing was our ability to launch a product and get it into consumer’s hands. We believed that if we did that, the rest would fall into place. And despite some rocky conditions and moments of adversity, it did. To this day, we still remember the toughest challenges we faced when EPIC was first founded—and continue to take risks and make quick decisions. When we get off course, we simply pivot and react in real time to change direction. Our ability to move forward and execute is the underlying foundation upon the success of EPIC and our overall happiness.

A wise farmer once told me that small businesses can kick large businesses asses in the marketplace due to their ability to make decisions and commit. In his words, the individuals behind big business suck at making decisions. Through observation he was spot on: in big companies, people are afraid to stick their neck on the line and commit. Instead, people default to more meetings, hiring consultants, getting more opinions, and conducting market research. It’s impossible to kick ass and crush life when you approach decision making through this framework. There’s simply no time for hesitation in this world.


I have seen thousands of amazing and creative ideas slip through the cracks in my lifetime. Most come from entrepreneur-type individuals who share their idea for a business with me. Sadly, of the thousands of pitches I have heard, only a handful of people have taken the steps to take a risk and follow their dream. Deciding to move forward or not has significant implications on that individual’s life as well as the world in which they could have positively impacted. It’s impossible to know if a plan will work out or not if you never try to make it a reality.

Whether you are thinking about starting a business, making changes in your personal life, or following your dreams, take risks and commit to decisions. Life is too short for second guessing. If you make a bad decision, you will survive, learn from your mistakes, and become stronger and wiser—after all, everybody fails at one point or another. If you make a good decision, you have the ability to create a legacy and positively influence the world. Briefly weigh your risk vs. reward and listen to your gut. When you decide to commit, give it everything you’ve got. If you do that, you’ll be miles ahead of the competition and well on your way to dominating!


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