SAVORY INSTITUTE IS EPIC! by Taylor Collins tag_OL
EPIC is pleased to announce that it is launching an initiative to support the efforts of The Savory Institute, an organization dedicated to restoring the world's grasslands. The SI works to empower pastoralists around the globe to properly manage their livestock and heal the land.

EPIC is committed to providing our customers with the highest quality meat product possible and the best way to ensure an adequate supply of high quality, nourishing meat is to provide support to the Savory Institute and its network of holistic producers, committed to the regenerative management of the grasslands of the world.

Look for updates on the EPIC website and advertising material which will proudly display a link to the Savory Institute. We encourage each and every customer to donate. Go to for more information. Help us ensure that future generations can eat Epically!

For an explanation for the remarkable results achieved by the Savory Institute, watch Allan Savory's TED Talk here:

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