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If you know anything about our EPIC story and the EPIC philosophy that comes with it, it's no surprise that saving the grasslands where EPIC animals roam is something we hold near and dear to our heart.

It’s true, at first glance grasslands are not the first place that come to mind when considering the planet’s most threatened landscapes. The plight of the grasslands is not as well known as that of the oceans, and the images brought to mind by the savannahs are not as colorful as those of the rainforests or tropical jungles. But the reality is that grasslands are in fact THE most critical ecosystem when it comes to reversing global climate change. Why? The grasslands maintain the power to prevent floods, fire, drought, famine, and violence. And even the power to end world poverty. They produce abundant healthy food and generate clean air, while recharging fresh water supplies.

Holistic Land Management

Maintaining the grasslands lies on one major movement: Holistic Land Management. Grazing animals like cattle, sheep, and goats, when properly managed, till and fertilize the earth. Their manure combines with decomposing vegetation to build soil, preventing erosion and flooding. Grass flourishes, removing more carbon from the atmosphere. And land managers can raise more nutrient-dense food to feed the world. Unfortunately, the mismanagement of the world’s grasslands are transforming these nourishing grasslands into sandy wastelands.

save the grasslands


Since 2009, our dear friends and partners at Savory Institute have worked relentlessly to restore the natural cycles of the grasslands through proper management of grazing animals like cattle, sheep and goats. The Savory Institute works directly with ranchers and farmers all over the globe through a series of accredited Savory Network Hubs. Those Hubs provide training and support to local ranchers and farmers, in their own regional context, teaching them how to use livestock as a tool to rebuild landscapes,sequester atmospheric carbon, bring back wildlife, and create thriving local economies. Grasslands evolved in tandem with grazing animals. When properly managed, these animals play a vital role in the decomposition portion of the grass plant’s life cycle as well as tilling and fertilizing the soil. And as you well know, livestock that are 100% grass-fed also provide an important source of nutrient dense food for humans!

Grasslands: Nice to Visit, Critical to Save

In an effort raise public awareness, Savory Institute has launched a crowdfunding campaign on Indiegogo – Grasslands: Nice to Visit, Critical to Save - which needs your support. We encourage you to help Savory Institute continue their work in grassland regeneration through this truly EPIC campaign that will change the world for years and years to come.


Please consider helping Savory Institute in achieving this success by making an end of the year contribution to the Savory Institute through this crowdfunding campaign. And, BONUS, check out their awesome new t-shirts.

It is time to celebrate with gratitude all that the understated grasslands contribute to the well-being of our planet. Your role in jump starting this campaign is the most valuable gift you can make this Holiday season for generations to come!

save the grasslands


Photos c/o: Savory Institute

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