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In efforts to accelerate our positive impact on the planet and increase the supply chain of healthy pastured animals, EPIC is planning a regenerative livestock experiment unlike anything you could ever imagine. 
Like much of the world, Texas grasslands are seriously degraded from a combination of mineral extracting, over grazing, over resting, and biodiversity loss. As a result, millions of acres of land are unproductive. This land is incapable of being a wildlife habitat, a productive farm, ranch, or recreational area. The primary reasons behind this degeneration are loss of nutrient rich topsoil, native habitat destruction, introduction of monoculture, and years of fertilizer and pesticide use. Land in this condition is often deemed "unsalvageable" and in many circumstances further degenerates with rest.
Our primary goal is to take a piece of abused land (the uglier the better) and work towards restoring the property through properly managed livestock. Through this process we will be converting unproductive land to a highly productive ranch that is generating jobs, producing nourishing food, creating habitats for native species, and sequestering carbon from the atmosphere (helping to positively impact the effects of climate change). This ranch will be regenerative, biodynamic, holistic and very EPIC!
In efforts to document the passion and truly amazing work to be accomplished, we are dedicating this property to serve as an educational center in which nearby ranchers can visit and learn. Additionally the ranch will host policy makers, students, customers, and partners of the brand while serving as a leading example of successful regenerative agriculture. 
We are extremely excited about the EPIC Ranch! It's been a lifelong dream and it is positioned to create a legacy that each and every one of our employees and customers will be proud to be a part of. The beautiful piece of Texas Hill Country that we restore will serve as documentation towards the effective power of regenerative livestock and our ability to go beyond "sustainable" and achieve "regenerative".
We are now accepting applications for an EPIC Ranch Manager. You must be highly creative and knowledgeable of biodynamic/holistic land management. Extra bonus points for having experience with multiple species as well as a fearless personality that will crush through any walls. Please send all resumes to
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