What if changing the story of what you eat and wear could change the story of the soil, water, and air? In a world that seems to be teetering on the brink of disaster, hope remains strong – and rightly so. Around the globe, there is a burgeoning resistance comprised of farmers and ranchers who are regenerating their soils, watersheds, wildlife habitat and human communities by practicing Holistic Management. This movement is global, it’s culturally diverse, and it works!


Drawing on the collective knowledge of renegade ranchers, rebel scientists, and cutting edge product manufactures, this beautiful video illustrates the counter intuitive approach to solving the issues of climate change, desertification, biodiversity loss, and degradation of land. Grounded in empirical scientific data with living examples from around the world, The Story of Meat creates a compelling argument that cattle and other ruminate animals can help build carbon-sequestering soils, prevent desertification, and increase biodiversity. While no single approach to solving our greatest environmental threats exist, this video makes a convincing case that livestock MUST be a part of the holistic solution. 


The Story of Meat was produced by The Savory Institute and speaks to the power of properly managed livestock creating a net positive return to the planet. Remember, there is no revolution without a consumer. Keep voting with your purchasing dollars and help us change the world. Learn more

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