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Meatcast – Episode 44

Meatcast – Episode 44



In this week’s episode, we’ll take you back to the CrossFit Games this summer along with the Granite Games last month! I took the Meatcast on the road with me to talk to athletes and unique folks within the CrossFit community including...

  • A CrossFitting priest who became the official CrossFit Games Chaplain [2:42]
  • A college professor and her students who work with CrossFit Inc. to study the economic impact of the CrossFit Games on the local city [5:40]
  • Two physicians who are using CrossFit, rather than traditional western medicine, to combat chronic disease [9:50]
  • The founder of the MorningChalkUp newsletter who is now widely considered the “Anderson Cooper of CrossFit” [24:10]
  • Jenn Dancer and Holden Rethwill from Team Invictus X, who finished 2nd in the team competition at this year’s CrossFit Games [30:19]

Finally, I fill y’all in on our latest new product launches, another word from my mom for iPhone users who haven’t left us an Apple Review, and a request for your Thanksgiving dinners!


Relevant Links

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Team Invictus X: Road to the Games

Jenn Dancer

Holden Rethwill

Sam Dancer

Kaitlyn Kassis


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