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Meatcast - Episode 60

Meatcast - Episode 60

Sammy Moniz holding a bison heart with the Meat Cast graphic in the bottom left corner


This week we’ve got Sammy Moniz, from Feeding the Frasers. What began as simply a way for Sammy to chronicle her favorite recipes, has evolved into an online brand with over 200,000 fans ardently following Sammy as she feeds herself and the fittest man on earth, fiance and three-time CrossFit Games champion, Mat Fraser. 

And this is just her side hustle! By day, Sammy is arguably the Jerry Maguire of CrossFit, working with a team to help manage the sports top athletes. That list of athletes includes past CrossFit champions Katrin Davidsdottir, Annie Thorsdottir and perennial contenders like Pat Vellner, Brooke Wells, Laura Horvath, and the EPIC team favorite, Brent Fikowski. Listen as Sammy and I discuss

  • The genesis of Feeding The Frasers and how she actually feeds the Fittest Man on Earth
  • Why the role of agents and sponsors are even more critical in CrossFit than other professional sports
  • How she ended up at our founder’s ranch, holding a bloody bison heart and cleaning out bison skulls.

For this week’s INSIDE EPIC, I shoutout EPIC Meatcast fan, Mad McLaughlin or @quirkyseeker. I’d love to hear you rank your meat….cast episodes. Call 512-686-MEAT and tell me what your favorite Meatcast episode was and why.  We’ll pick a couple of winners to send a gift bag too and we may publish your entry on the Meatcast!

Finally, I give you the inside scoop on how to make our finance team incredibly anxious!

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