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Meatcast - Episode 63

Meatcast - Episode 63

Close up of a bison staring to the right


This week, we discover the seductive power of Bison and how two Canadians end up living in the hill country of Texas. We’re talking to Roam Ranch managers, Cody Spencer and Julia Mitchell, and we cover....

  • What about Roam compelled these two to uproot their lives and move across a continent
  • A day in the life running a regenerative ag ‘field laboratory’
  • Why farmer strong is a real thing and how they prioritize their fitness 

If you’ve ever been in the presence of people whom you immediately wish you could bottle up and sprinkle into your life on a daily basis, that’s Cody and Julia. I mean that in the least serial killer way. I don’t know how else to describe it, but their personalities really shine through in this short interview, and I hope yall are as charmed as them as I am.

To end the episode, I explain how you can play a role in the parenting of my children.


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