I’m sure everyone celebrated the 4th of July like true ‘Mericans: eating tons of grilled meat, jumping into large bodies of water, relaxing with friends and family, watching fireworks, and wearing and waiving your finest red + white + blue. We at EPIC tried to make the most patriotic holiday of the year more delicious and convenient for you by providing some enticing ideas how to incorporate EPIC into your festivities. A quick recap of some of my favorites from this weekends feast:


deviledeggsAppetizer: Your traditional deviled egg recipe with some of America’s oldest mammals on top - a crowd favorite!

guacEveryone knows guacamole is a part of the Tex-Mex experience. Celebrating our independence from Mexico (Texas Independence Day, of course we celebrate that too!) with a bowl of guac’ and bacon couldn’t taste more American.

saladSide Dish: Ensuring there is some color to all of the meat options on the 4th of July is essential! This salad was a fabulous side to my next favorite main dish…

Main dish: Heating up some chopped up Beef Apple Bacon bars on the Old Smoky saved me hours in the kitchen!

Whether you are planning your next family get together or simply rushing to make a quick meal, consider EPIC an integral aspect of fine dining. Head over to to order these goodies for your next holiday get together!!

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