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Being “wild and free” means trusting your instinct and living inside the moment with full consciousness and an open heart. It happens when you are fully immersed in the present and overwhelmed with inspiration. It is a state of being that is euphoric and heightened to levels above and beyond our homeostasis.

For the EPIC business, being “wild and free” starts with trusting our gut and intuition. It sometimes means following a "road" less traveled or maybe even a rugged "single-track trail". Sometimes our company will even decide to get off the “trail” altogether and forge our own path, especially if there is somewhere on the horizon that we want to go. This movement is often the most dangerous for a company, but it also offers the greatest reward and gratification.


“Living wild and free” comes in different forms and is individualized on a personal level. For some, it is going out and listening to live music. For others it might be painting or writing. I know people who feel most wild & free when they are traveling abroad.


For me, I feel most wild and free when I run on the trail. Each trip is an adventure and has many special moments that I recognize only because my senses are heightened and I am living with full consciousness to my body and my surroundings. Focusing on the living in a moment, my mind can wonder and I often have deep insight into complex and looming decisions that are on my subconscious. I’m also overwhelmed with inspiration and creativity.


Find what makes you feel “wild and free”. Embrace it and take time to routinely incorporate that activity into your life. You will become a better person and have more balance within yourself. When you are able to crack the code and start listening to the interconnected energy between you and your environment, it’s a game changing experience!

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