As fall brings much anticipated cooler temperatures around the country, it also signals hunting season to millions of people looking to harvest their own meat. United by a common value of feeding family and friends nourishing protein, hunters are on the forefront of truly connecting with their sources of food. Here at EPIC we have a handful of passionate employees who embrace the Fall hunting season and seek adventure through tracking, harvesting, and consuming wild game. When it comes to consuming meat, there is no better traceability than hunting wild animals or forming direct relationships with trusted ranchers. While the majority of our urban populations have difficulty fostering direct relationships with livestock producers, we feel that each and every omnivore needs to come face to face with their meat at some point in time. When looking into the eyes of an animal, I am overwhelmed with a sense of profound respect, gratitude, and a holistic perspective of being a meat-eater.

It is a deeply held belief here at EPIC that we continue to pursue connecting with our sources of nutrient rich food. At the heart of this concept lies our deepest desire to be fully conscious and aware of the majestic animals that give their lives to provide us with nourishing EPIC products. To embrace the act of being "conscious carnivores", last year Our Director of Operations, Kirk Blanchard and our Co-founder, Taylor Collins undertook a truly EPIC 5 day hunting trip deep in the Colorado wilderness. We were joined by longtime friend and bison rancher Brad Probst. Both Kirk and Brad are seasoned bow hunters who have a unique appreciation for nature and a deep respect for the meat they feed their families. Taylor is a long time land steward and outdoor enthusiast, but first time hunter. Although the final objective of our trip is to harvest an elk, the purpose is much deeper. We aim to ground ourselves physically and spiritually through immersion in nature. Connecting with a much larger world, we hope to activate deeply encoded genetics that heighten our own instinct and share a powerful experience that was the evolutionary foundation for our current species.


We hope that all of our customers who plan to hunt this year embark on their journey with mindfulness, gratitude, and a desire to be compassionate carnivores. If you are a city slicker like most of us, EPIC has your back with our Wild Game line of products. Enjoy 100% grass fed venisonwild boar, and 100% wild caughtAlaskan salmon all conveniently for sale at natural grocery retailers nationally or online at epicbar.com.


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