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Why You Don't Need to Sacrifice Health for Adventure

Why You Don't Need to Sacrifice Health for Adventure

The crisp air and rich colors of fall beckon us to spend more time in Nature—camping, moving our bodies, and exploring. Many of us also want to prioritize self-care and healthy routines, which can seem counter to the spontaneity that accompanies travel and adventure. However, you can find balance and rejuvenation while maintaining an adventurous lifestyle. It might take a little intention and planning at first, but soon it will seem intuitive to fulfill your desires for health and adventure simultaneously.

The long days and ample sunlight that summer brings often gives us energy to implement new habits. So you might be feeling really good right now with your diet, sleep, and exercise. Use this momentum to solidify these habits for the long-term! Trips and excursions are no excuse—use these tips to carry your best self through any adventure.


1. It’s okay to start small. When planning an adventure, make sure you feel good about the time and effort involved. You might start small, with a day trip to a hike you’ve been wanting to check out just out of town. Practice for longer adventures by bringing healthy snacks for the day, and make time for stretching or a few deep breaths by the water hole.


2. Take your good habits with you. If you’re meditating every morning, plan for what that might look like when you’re camping with friends. Do you turn it into a moving mediation by walking the campgrounds alone at sunrise every morning, paying attention to your steady breath and movement? If you’ve felt better lately avoiding processed foods and alcohol, do you pack your cooler with fresh produce, meat, and kombucha? Trust me, if they are good friends, your friends won’t think you’re weird—they’ll probably gain a newfound respect for your flexible discipline!

3. Use adventures as a time for self-reflection. It’s great traveling with others because you can share memories (and driving responsibilities) as well as deepen relationships. However, use the time of getting out of your normal daily routine for some inner work. For you, that might mean reading, journaling, yoga, or playing music (ideally sans phone). Whatever it is, use the opportunity of more free time and silence—because it’s likely only going to be more difficult once you return home.


4. Don’t come back to chaos. When you come back from an adventure, whether it be three hours or three months, make sure you’re returning to some structure. Clean your space before you leave, schedule a healthy meal delivery service to start your first full day back, and/or tell your friends and family that you’re not making plans immediately upon return. This way, instead of overwhelmed, you feel ready to take on another adventure sooner rather than later.

As you embark on your adventures this fall, remember that you don’t have to “go hard” while out of town only to feel like you need to catch up on rest and reestablish your healthy diet upon return home. Really, time in Nature and traveling is a way to reconnect to our bodies and souls. Use the time to nourish yourself on all levels, and you’ll find yourself returning home with energy and a renewed sense of purpose. 

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