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Acquiring True Value: Two Years And Many Victories Later

Acquiring True Value: Two Years And Many Victories Later

Dearest EPIC Champions,

As we kick off another busy week of crushing it at EPIC, I would like to take a moment to reflect on an important date within the company. Last Saturday (January 6th) marked the two-year anniversary of EPIC being acquired by General Mills. This is my third time writing one of these and, man, it’s crazy how time flies. That day, with everything it stands for, will forever marks the start of something truly incredible — something that fills me with gratitude and optimism about the direction of our business, the future of our consumer-fueled revolution, and the power of mission-driven companies like ours. In fact, I believe this acquisition has been the food industry’s most important event in the past few decades.



Over the last two years, we have successfully proven that combining the muscle and resources of a big business like General Mills with the passion and grit of a mission-driven company like EPIC can reverse the course of an entire industry. In that short time, we’ve already seen our ability to positively impact the lives of animals, consumer wellness, and land health exceed every other food business around. Through this, we have created a legacy company that has radically altered supply chains, shifted the narrative on meat consumption, and changed the landscape of consumer packaged goods. Furthermore, these efforts have proven that ‘passionate’ and ‘profitable’ are not mutually exclusive — in fact, they’re stronger together. Thank you, EPIC consumers, for trusting us with your time and voting with your dollars. Alongside your support, the dedication of our employees, and the might of Mills, we’ve paved a path for a brighter future than ever thought imagined.



Around our offices, every year is given a theme we lovingly refer to as our battle cries. Last year’s was ‘We Are The Storm’, a reference to the upcoming change we planned to bring to our industry and world. As expected, 2017 was packed with new challenges, new opportunities, and a chance to lay the foundation for true growth in 2018. By following our battle cry — our North Star — we set the table for unprecedented growth and impact. That’s why, looking ahead, Katie and I couldn’t be more excited for what this new year holds for us, especially regarding the strength of our wolfpack. It’s true: EPIC has received a massive injection of fresh talent and superhuman capacity that we have direly needed. This new generation of visionary employees is deeply devoted to protecting our brand, optimizing our business, and accelerating our positive impact. Additionally, through the creation of a robust operating unit which includes Annie’s, Cascadian Farms, EPIC, and Muir Glen, we now belong to a family of like-minded people driven by purpose. With an extended family to share the frontlines of the food revolution, we are more united and stronger than ever!



At the center of everything, though, is our loyal consumers. If we’re going to continue growing our business and changing the world, we need you to remain passionate and ‘charge into the storm’ with us. Luckily, we’re more than confident you’ll make that happen! After all, you’re the ones who, since day one, have reminded us that the work we are doing is unbelievably special and important. Together, we own a culture of fighters who play to win, refuse anything less, and focus on positive change. I can’t wait to share the frontlines of the food revolution with each of you this year and look forward to shatter ceilings, defying the odds, building a legacy, and making this planet a better place for future generations. Thank you for your trust, continued support, and fighting for change.

Onwards to another glorious year that’s bigger and better than ever!


Katie and Taylor


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